Sri M said…

sri-m-12The Buddha did not talk about God per se, but the greatest practical understanding of Godliness is the compassion that he preached. Love and compassion is the essence of the Buddhist teaching. Also, the ancient Jain teachings define themselves as: ‘Ahimsa paramo dharmaha’ – The greatest religion is the practice of nonviolence.

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  1. Ramos Lydia says:

    To be no violent for be compassionate
    not to be no violent because cowardice
    Om namah shivay

  2. Shanti nataraj says:

    Pranams guru sri M. Every about is amazing. Reading your autobiography made me realize my karmas and the coming back to the Earth. I make attempts to be a better person. I have a great longing to meet you sir. I return from the US 29th oct. pl give me an appointment. As I mentioned earlier my 2nd son Aroon is indifferent and communicative. I am going for his daughter ,s b,day. Pl pray that he allows us into his house. Pl help him to have clarity of mind and rational thinking . With much hope . Pranams