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  1. So, don’t spend time for knowing truth….

  2. Your meeting with Babaji appears to be strange as Babaji can’t override the rules of nature. He can’t live so many centuries. God can’t be gender deity. Matter and consciousness have come with the creation of the universe. Animate beings are cosmic dusts with consciousness and inanimate objects are without consciousness. It is my perception. Try to read the Gita to know that God does not respond, hear or help. He has no location. He, rather it, is a stream of consciousness enveloping the universe and beyond.

  3. Y V Subba Rao says:

    If only one among millions is attaining the Reality, then who is guiding the rest of the majority?
    May be, it is the single Soul who attains the Spiritual Goal and who radiates his/her blissful energy through love and compassion to the needy multitude like the Sun in the day and the Moon in the night OR a Master like Sri.M to his disciples.
    Thank you Guruji!