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sri-m-12In Vedanta, what the Vedantist does, is to examine the world around him and find out that it is impermanent. He says, “This world is impermanent because today it’s here and tomorrow it is gone. All the joys that I have are bound to disappear when I die. Nothing is permanent because anything that is born is bound to die. So, this is not the Truth, because the Truth has to be something that remains always, has no tinge of sorrow in It.This process is what is called, ‘Neti, Neti.’ This is not the Truth; this is not the Truth; this is not the Truth.” Thus he negates.

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  1. T.J. Muthukumar says:

    In the univese only in earth we have air that makes the human being to live only in earth.
    So every thing is true, and nothing is false.