Sri M said…

Here was a prime example of a manifestation of the Supreme Being, in the form of a poor ‘Fakir’. For all intents and purposes, he appeared as a poor Fakir, and taught the unity of not only Vedanta and other scriptures, but also that the essential reality of all humanity is one! This was the main message of Shirdi Sai Baba.

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  1. Great Message

  2. Adiseshu Babu Mylavarapu says:

    Yes Sir, It is correct. Everybody knows that but they take it only to their personal level. It is meant for total humanity on this earth. I just heard about you to day morning through my ex-ISRO colleague Mr.Dilip Kumar. We too would like to follow great leaders/gurus suggestions, like you – we have taken 2 acres of land near Devarakonda, near Bhakrapet (on the way from Madanapalli-Tirupathi) a rural area to extend some services there, like Go Shala; Health Care; Vaanaprastham; with Orphans/Destitute women welfare activities;
    Sanskruthi & Vedadhyanam – for Satsang; Nitya agnihotra (Dhuni) with Prasada vitharana. We would like to know your availability in Madanapalli to meet u in person to take your guidance in our activities.

    Kindly let me know through mail about your availability.

    With regards,.

    Adiseshu Babu Mylavarapu