Sri M said…

If what we think and how we act can go together, then meditation begins. To not bring about this dichotomy in one’s life, one has to be eternally watchful. It means, as you go about your life, a part of your mind should carefully watch your thoughts and action. This eternal vigilance, I think, is a better form of meditation than sitting cross-legged for an hour and falling into a semi-sleep.

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  1. Arijit Bagchi says:

    Was blessed by your kind self in kolkata recently. Hari OM

  2. True

  3. Thank you Sri M Guruji

  4. anushka kapse says:

    Dear Shri M ji,


    I regurlary read ur posts….Todays post has removed one more layer of self doubt from my mind……’Eternal vigilance’ as you called it,should be part of ones life…. and I am extreamly happy that for last many years I am following this but was doubtful as I was not doing it sitting cross-legged…Your todays post has delighted me and grateful to almighty tht he sends messages through divine beings like you to strengthen our faith on path we are pursuing….
    Eternally grateful,
    Anushka Kapse