Sri M said…

From the point of view of spiritual evolution, the greatest duty of an intelligent human being is to find the Truth. And, religions have made the duties of a human being so that we may stay together as a society. Very often, when you go on the path, you might have to go alone, alone like a lonely traveler.

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  1. kk pran alias pran k krishnan says:

    Realization of the self bring out the Absolute Truth. Generally religions do not help us for the same. They bind us within a small circle asking to perform stipulated religious rituals of the place and period. There will be no evolution/ expansion in terms of spirituality. However to live harmoniously in society and for the welfare of community we belong we are compelled to do some duties .For spiritual evolution one has to become first a seeker acquiring prereqisite qualities ie, SADANA CHATUSTAYAM viz. NITYANITYA VASTU VIVEKA, EHAMUTRARTHA PHALABHOGA VIRAGA, SAMADI SHATKA SAMPATHI & MUMUKSHUTWAM .It is quite difficult or impossible to get qualified.The practical thing that can be done is to have always the awareness of the above sadana/its progress ……… and start walking on the path alone with hope………………

    • venkatesugaduputi says:

      One should have inclination to find out truth of life purpose he can get the help from the Nautre. We can say God Who’s consciousness always with in every speck of atom.That will make every one based on the need of individual to attain.
      With my personal experience who have no knowledge about anything on sprituality he attain .who have abandent knowledge he haven’t touched the Silence which is prerequisite for spirituality​. It show’s that everything depending on idividual…. Samskara.

  2. yes it is true one should travel alone to find out the truth, when he wanted to Realize the greatness of the self . Society making help to the individual to find out truth as he was a part of the society.. Without any other traveler knowing any thing is great task , what ever it may be … in what ever Religion he may be…living in the presence.

  3. Rightly said !!!