Sri M said…

Sit down and meditate in your heart center and whenever such thoughts that are not related to the inner come, try to keep them away. There are other thoughts that can take you to the spiritual. For instance, I am meditating in my heart and I am thinking that ‘there is a light coming’. It is still a thought but it is a constructive thought. It is not a thought that is taking me out. ‘I feel that there is a beautiful light coming; I hear the chanting of mantras’— this is still a thought, but this thought is a constructive thought. It is taking me towards the Real.

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  1. Thank you for this which helps so very much. For all your Teachings and service.

  2. excellent!!!
    thank you very much…..

  3. Yes it is true master Who ever wanted to go ‘within’ should practice ,practice Meditation until he reached what he wanted …for self realization which is ultimate personal learning for any one on this beautiful earth. A wonderful and beautiful place to face the challenge of life on the way to realization.