Sri M said…

Practitioners of spiritual exercises should keep in mind that when you practice and go deeper and deeper, all the tendencies that are hidden in your subconscious mind would surface. This is the poison. This is where you should get help from a teacher, someone who knows how to handle it; otherwise, everything will go berserk.

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  1. Pauline McNamee says:

    Our psychiatric hospitals are full of people who have got lost in the gap. More education about the dangers, as you said of the razors edge. Thank you for all your wonderful teachings.

  2. Namaskar Sri M
    I was not absolutely certain but I suspected that the fears I have been experiencing were my subsonscious opening up.i have also not had a permanent abode for three and one half years. I had a relative, a great uncle, who also did not have a permanent residence at one point in his life. I only met him once when I was a child. Some manifestations may appear from the family karmic connections and also perhaps past lives. Thank you for this important post which helped me to clarify. I live in France and do not have a Teacher. I do go to Centre VÉDANTIQUE Ramakrishna outside Paris. I see all my thinking manifest there when I attend.
    Thank you.

  3. Yesterday night after my meditation I had horrible dream and my whole body was engulfed in fear. After reading today’s message I could co relate . Can you help me not to go berserk.

  4. Very true Guruji The inner bliss of a person is the strongest area where we should gather our concentration than looking at external pleasures which is temporary.