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  1. ஸ்ரீ எம் கூறினார்: ” அருமையான பிரார்த்தனை,” இறைவா,என் இதயத்தில் என்ன இருக்கின்றது என்பது உனக்குத் தெரியும்;நான் உனக்கு சொல்லித் தெரிய வேண்டியது இல்லை.நீ,எங்குமிருப்பவன்;உனக்கு எல்லாம் தெரியும்,எனவே,எனக்கு எது நல்லதோ அதை நீ செய்.இதுதான் நான் மனமுவந்து ஆத்மார்த்தமாக உனக்கு ச் செய்யும் பிரார்த்தனை.”. ஸ்ரீ எம்

  2. Thank you for putting words to this prayer! I have consistently been praying it since I was two years old; I am now 71 and find how much the Lord has held me steady during both success and failure in my life.

  3. Dr.P.Umesh Chander Pal says:

    Sri M – Part 2 – Satsang at Service space Berkeley, 29th July 2017

    Guruji Sri M is sitting on the dais; Mike is placed at a convenient length. Some audio disturbances.

    Audio disturbance. After rectification, one asked a question toGuruji on Sri Mahesh Babaji questioning Sri M on how is their Guru sihya relationship. Sri M starts laughing, ‘’yes, you are perfectly correct’, Mahesh Babaji asked me; Guruji stops and says to the questionanaire, jokingly, “You must come to India, to reminisce on these dialogues!”
    Audience laughs.
    How was it?
    Master replied, “Yes, you are correct, once, Sri MaheshBabaji asked me, “What do you think of my relationship with you?” I replied “I am like your dog, young puppy, may be grey haired puppy (showing his head, audience laughs).and I keep looking at you upward. Those days, Gramophone Player with a disk playing and a speaker like a trumpet, enlarging to outside, and its brand icon was a dog sitting and looking at the speaker…called His Master’s voice. I say I am like your Puppy looking at you for guidance.
    Then, in a lighter vein, SriM asked the audience. “Can anybody tell the sex of the dog?” He asks the audience.
    Audience was silent.
    Then, Master quips, “see, it is called ‘His Master’s voice!!
    Then, audience understands his humour and laughs.
    Ok “I said I am his Puppy, looking for His guidance. I told Him, in Hindi, “jaise kuththa baitha hai, jaise mein baitkar aapko sunthaa hoon…”I absorb what all you say.”
    Mahesh Babaji replied, “Sab samajmae ajatha hai..? You understand everything? I nodded in agreement saying “I try my best to understand”. For which Mahesh Babaji replied, ok… you think you are like my dog.ok.ok.but do not wage your tail too much”!
    Audience laughs.
    “Afterwards, whenever he says something and sometimes I say, I cannot do it, He will say, see. Don’t wage your tail too much, Laughingly Sri M says it. Audience laughs.
    “You see, Guru Sishya relationship is a long term relationship.
    Guruji continues.” Sometimes, People come and ask me to make him a disciple.
    “As Far as Maheswaranatha Babaji is concerned”, Sri M wipes his left eye, “I have never met a saint. a spiritual teacher , like Him, Though I have met many SpiriualTeachers, I have never met a as stature like Babaji !There are many teachers but I have never met Like Babaji, in my life.”
    Sri M folds his fingers one by one. “He did not have a banner, he did not have a retinue, and He did not have an Ashram. He did not have car, bicycle, He keeps moving from one place to another place, he always walked. He had only piece of cloth which He tied up in His waist, once you come across a man of His stature, a stature of such a great person, without any pomp, without any self advertisement, immediately you know he is a great spiritual master, As far as I Know, to my Knowledge, such a great master like Maheshwaranath Babaji, I have never met anywhere in my Life.”
    “ He had five disciples. I was the one, who was the youngest and left out. other were all monks, Though I also wanted to be a Monk, that would have been great, but he said no to me to become a monk, so, among the five disciples including me, other four were monks, and three have passed away. They were unknown. Fourth one was a sanyasi. A monk…He was sent to Himalayas by Him. I know He is there, he must be there somewhere, but I don’t know where the fourth monk is now. I did not try to find him.”
    “I want people to be more serious when they decide to ask to become a disciple. Spend more time with spiritual teachers. Now days, people take and discard the spiritual teachers like Peanuts.”
    Audience laughs.
    Guruji continues, “This is one of the reason, when people come and ask me, I say to them. “ let us be serious and think about it.”
    “It is a long time relationship. Don’t be in a hurry. Awakening will come somehow. Last question you asked, pointing at the questionnaire, “was devotion…..In devotion all devotions are only blank, there is no in devotion which is not blank. We cannot see and understand withour sensory organs at all. There are many things in spiritual life which actually, normal sense organs cannot access at all! Only when you close the eye in devotion, something else opens! (One woman in audience gets up and goes to a corner) see, this is also devotion. One ear kept hearing to her spiritual master but other ear heard her child sleeping in the corner waking up! This is also devotion. …”

    “One day, one year after staying with Sri Mahesh Babaji, I made a mistake. He muses and continues; “Babaji asked me” You are becoming more dependent on me. My job is to make you independent. You have to see your true self. I want you to be less dependent on me and more dependent on you. This is your true self. Your job.”
    “Then, I said “what do you want me to do?
    “ He immediately told me” get out.’ I felt terrible. I was upset. I cannot say I was feeling angry but I was feeling resentful. Here, I have invested everything on Him, burnt my boat or burnt my bridge, whatever it is, and now he asks me to get out. I was feeling resentful; I took my bag and started walking out”
    “ After a while, Guruji asks audience, “where was I? One lady quipped, ‘Babaji told you to get lost.’ Guruji laughs loudly along with audience, “yes, I was really lost there and here.”? Babaji asked me, “where are you going?” I told Him, “I don’t know where I am going? But you told me to get out. So I am going”.
    Audience started laughing
    “I walked out towards Uttarkashi Gomukh road, Rishikesh Gomukh Road., nobody was wandering there. Only two sadhus who saw me, thinking that I am going to Gomukh, wanted to accompany me but I told them I am in silence and don’t wish anybody to accompany me.”
    “ I walked towards Tehri where Chandra Bagha River was flowing… I tell you, now days a dam was built and chandrabagha river was diverted to somewhere else, and now, there is no River you can see. Each time I cross the path, my heart breaks down! Now, only, dry beds are there. They diverted the river somewhere by building a bridge there… OK I walked along Chandrbagah River. There were Peacocks dancing. I was thrilled. I felt I am yogi, now! Already I was feeling like an independent monk.”
    Guruji smiles and audience also laughs.
    “I must have walked 2 hours on the road. I felt like a yogi, so, for a yogi, this must be the life. Deep down, I cannot say I had resentment but I put up a brave face, and started walking towards Gomuk.I must have walked for two hours. Rain started and I got drenched. Then sun came again. But I got severe cold after the 4th day. Sun came afterwards. I felt this is how Yogis live. I heard some steps behind me. Of Twigs breaking, leaves crunching on the soil, as if someone is coming behind. I thought it might be Babaji. Deep down me felt whether it might be Babaji. Then, my mind refused it could be Babaji. I thought how He can come here.”

    Guruji raises his both hands and slaps it on His Thighs.

    “ Then, I felt hands on my shoulder. And I heard the unmistakable voice of Sri Mahesh Babaji calling me, “Madhu.” “As I was resentful, I did not turn back. I was feeling like Yogi, so I did not turn back, he smilingly says so.
    Babaji asked me “so, you are going? I replied without turning back,” of course, I am going. You told me to get out. So I am going.”?

    He smiles and audience laughs.

    “Sri Mahesh Babaji replied, “because I told you, so, I told you to go, you are going, you did not understand the reason why I told you? So you are going… suppose I ask you to come back, will you come?” Though, actually I wanted to say No, as I was feeling like a yogi, words that came in my mouth was “of course, I will come back”,Guruji said this while wiping His eyes, placing his index finger on His nose, in a lighter vein.

    Audience laughs loudly.

    “I tried hard to say no, but words that came were ‘Yes.”

    Audience laughs loudly. Guruji smiles.

    “Then, Mahesh babaji said to me, “chalo. Chalthe hain!” come. We will go.”

    “Then we went back. This is how spiritual relationship progresses. Though you have devotion for Guru, sometimes you rebel, so what? This is where a spiritual teacher comes. Your spiritual teacher should be such who looks after your spiritual welfare.He is interested only in your spiritual welfare. This is a long time relationship. When you have such a spiritual teacher who wants you to touch spiritual height and He wants nothing else, and you also want only that, then, good spiritual relationship ensues. Suppose I told somebody to go, when he wants to become a disciple, I am not being rude, I want to see how far he can go, where he will go, if He is truthful, He will have to come back. Those who come back, finally, will stay .But of course there are so many spiritual teachers, I am not the only one. He can go anywhere.”
    Guruji tells the audience, “You see, a yogi also needs to go to a toilet. Excuse me.” And he leaves.
    Part2 Sathsang at Berkley is over.
    Part 3 will start in a few minutes, which I will post later.
    Tran scripted by Dr.Umesh.”Mistakes in the transcriptions are mine.”

  4. This is true.