Sri M said…

Sri-M-the-true BrahmanWhen they (the images) fall like nine pins and when you no longer have an image of anything, or when you see that all the images are primarily only an aspect of the Supreme Reality, that they (the images) cannot be the whole and when they drop and what remains after all the images have been wiped out after the ultimate act of iconoclasm, this according to the Upanishad, which is the shruti is the true Brahman!

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    I do not make any comment on above said perfect statement. But as I experienced i.e. before reaching this final stage, there is first formation of image then the said image converts into vibration which we call thought. When inquired this thought, this burst into sound like bursting of bubbles or sound like heart beat.

    The above is my observation.


  2. Yogita Patil says:

    Sorry Guruji. I did not understand a word unfortunately … I always was under the impression that a brahman is by birth coupled with a way of life. Can you please explain some more ? Thank you.