Sri M said…

Sri-M-loveLove is a many-splendoured entity. Physical love or spiritual love has the same source, although it manifests in different degrees. You cut across all barriers. Who cares for personal consequences? You want to give, want to sacrifice your personal convenience for the sake of your beloved. You are in love. I plead, please, that we fall in love with humanity as a whole. Let us give our love to all, to save human beings, like you and me, at this juncture, before the world is annihilated by hate and violence.

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  1. Mohammed sherif says:

    Dear Shri M,

    Unfortunately we normal beings are unable to realize who is honest and who is not. Recently I happended to visit a meditation resort and spend a huge amount for that. due to self enquiry we are been attracted to those places and later realize that it was another commercial endeavor. Then we miss the boat to search through true masters like you.
    Now many so called masters are booming and common man is been taken for a ride.

    please advise.

  2. True dear Master, but the world, in which we are living is completely is running after the money, fame, and power will and can not give any thing least to the mankind. Leave alone the values.only very few,(we can count them on our finger tips), like you and great masters can.