Sri M said…

Bhaja Govinda on one hand means chant the name of Govinda; now bhajan is not only chanting, bhajan also means to completely absorb yourself in something, means both. Why is it called bhajan because any other song is called Geetham, because bhajan is to do with inner absorption. It is actually spiritual version of bhojan in the physical body. So it is a bhojan for the mind.

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  1. What is being absorbed – the meaning and purport of the “bhajan” or its music?

  2. Arya Rajan says:

    Om Namo Bhagavthe Vasudevaya…wen we loose in Bhajan, bhagawan take over
    the little ” aham- I “..Then he only sings and dance chaithyaprabhu ..gauranga.. -sri krishna reincarnation..