Sri M said…

One thing you must remember. Is that the Gita is the first, the most ancient of the scriptures which have examined this question of how to approach the truth. This is the first scripture to declare that there are different paths to the supreme being. Each chapter of the Gita is a description of a different path. Nowhere in the Gita is it said that this path is better than this path or the other path is worse than the other or anything of that kind. They are all different approaches. Meant for different kinds of people, depending on their Gunas.

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  1. Suvratadev Sharmana Vandyopadhyay says:

    Dear Readers and the Master,

    While it is true that Shree Krishna delineated the four different margas which ultimately lead to the same Ishwara, there is a great degree of overlap of these paths.

    So, when a seeker is following the Yoga marga he cannot do it without Bhakti, Jnana, and Karma.

    This is true with all the other margas.

  2. Manu Krishnan says:

    But the varna system did great damage to sanathana dharma. Is it a scientific approach to classify people based on their gunas??even though the Gita says that even in a single individual gunas can vary,no one can admit the principle that a particular quality may dominate in a particular person. All other principles in the gita except the varna system are eternal