Sri M said…

The few who with their great devotion and good deeds who become recipients of divine grace, free themselves from likes and dislikes, the opposites of attachment and aversion, and with their purified intellects see the impermanence of mundane existence, sorrow, old age and death realizing that the only blissful, permanent, reality is the Supreme Being, meditate on the Supreme Being in the inner-most depths of their consciousness and attain the Blissful goal of eternal spiritual fulfillment.

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  1. Suvratadev Sharmana Vandyopadhyay says:

    My forehead on your toes.

    Fully agree with this view.

    In fact, it is blissful to be neutral to ‘bad’ and ‘good’.

    What we term as happiness is sometimes ego gratification and at other times sensory pleasures that are effervescent. If we have to have lasting peace, then there is no other way but to be neutral and allow the grace of God enter your experiential home.

  2. Praveen Jamwal says:

    I love Sri M ji by heart and feel that he is a kind of great gift to our society from our pujya Sri Guru babaji…May he live long and spread fragrance of his teaching all over….