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Sri-M-10What it is that we would attain in the ‘Grahastha’ phase that is different from the ‘Brahmacharya’ phase? Once you are married, you cannot take independent exclusive decisions because you have one more person in your life. You learn to control your emotions and control your anger. You learn to accommodate another person’s point of view.

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  1. Im 21, a student who is seriously thinking about becoming a celebate.. I have read that brahmacharya can enhance your spiritual and brain power tremendously. I would like to Sri M’s opinion on that.

  2. Yes Sir.

    It is very true and righteous, as well. But to follow the path one needs to control one’s egoestic patterns of behaviour, intentionally, and adopt to recociliation trend as a matter of spiritual practice, though that may take a long way to go, but the way is to start and win over.

  3. That is a superficial. physical difference. What is the spiritual difference?. Like Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa said something like a Grihastha don’t have to spend as much time and sadhana as a Brahmacharya yogi

  4. Reinhard Schweiger says:

    Dear Shri Mr. M
    I am living in Austria. Austria is very near to Germany. I hope that I can meet to you! My age is 60 years. In the age of 19 I started with meditation and Kriya. I need guidance. Do you come to Germany?
    Your Autobiography is so very very beautiful!!! I am so happy….
    With the warmest best wishes
    Reinhard Schweiger