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The Northern (upward) movement of the Prana is when it finally goes through the seven wheels or the seven psychic centres along the sushumna nadi until it reaches the highest heaven in the Sahasraara chakra, full of water. The water here means apastatva, the tatva of liquidity, of movement identified with the moon or the Soma. Having reached there, the Rishi is never unborn and he lives identified with the omniscient.

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  1. saurabh pandey says:

    Respected Sir,
    Recently I have read the sequal -The journey continues. Entire book is very much inspirational for seekers of truth. I had a query.
    In one of the chapter you have described about your birth during Mahabharata time. In this you have mentioned to be guided by Lord Krishna to be part of Mahabharata battle ( well before it actually took place)
    Does it mean the battle was destined to happen and Duryodhan and others had no role to play in deciding it.
    Please guide me.

  2. R .C Dey says:

    Respected sir kindly see the last sentence of your article on the northern path . Some correction may be required Atiny editing or amendment pl excuse me if im not relevant now .With regards
    Mr Dey