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“While the Gayatri Mantra is addressed to the visible sun, internally it is also directed at the absolute reality of which we are all sparks,” says Sri M in this insightful talk on the Gayatri mantra.

Gayatri mantra does not say, ‘give me wealth’, the mantra does not say ‘give me health’, it doesnot say ‘give me this’ or ‘give me that’. Gayatri Mantra says illuminate or stimulate my intelligence.

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  1. Waiting eagerly…

  2. Hello,
    Where can i get the second part of this video?

  3. c.chandrasekhar says:

    pl let me know where can I get / see the text of Sri M’s talk on Gayatri in full.


  4. sayani bhattacharya says:

    I was looking for the second part of the video for very long
    here is the first part that i am talking about
    Kindly help.


  5. It looks like the full 2 DVD teaching on Gayatri is at . Blessings.

  6. Moorthy R S R says:

    I have been searching for the 2nd part of Shri Guruji’s lecture on Gayathei mantra since a long time.

    I shall be grateful if you can intimate me as soon as possible.



  7. video is not available.

    • The Satsang Foundation says: (Author)

      Hi Priyanaka,

      The Video is being re-edited for an improved viewing experience and will be uploaded soon. Will keep you intimated once this is re-uploaded. Thank you.

  8. Madhumita says:

    Please upload second part of this .