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  1. leelasastry says:

    Dear sir ,

    what exactly is samadhi . I read lot about samadhi in theory . But how it effects psyche in practice . Then again , once that is achieved , do the effects in the form of mental and physical changes remain permanently or disappear after some time . After approaching many gurus , after seeing them from close quarters I understood that all the so called swamijis , babas , ammas peethadhipathis are all teachers but not gurus . So my quest for a guru in physical form has ended in dissatisfiction . But I am in search of answers for my doubts . regards leelasastry

  2. Cdr BS Sood says:

    Dear Leelasastry, When you do Pranayama, initially you have to control the breath when you master it then the next stage is getting into Samadhi.And out put of this stage is energy, in the shape of light and hearing the sound of OM the vibrations . In fact this is the outcome of PRANAYAMA. Cdr B S Sood

  3. leelasastry says:

    Dear Sri M ,
    I thought all these days that light is the essence of life energy and sound is its vibration . Concentrating on the light in bhrumadhya with sound in the form of ‘OM ‘ is sadhana and that is pranayama .

    • Cdr B S SOOD says:

      Dear Leela’sastry,
      You have raised a interesting point. PARANAYAM IS a science of breathing by different methods, including KriyaYog, which ultimately leads to Samadhi Stage and during this stage one experiences the energy in the form sacred light and hears all prevaiding OM Sound These stages are achieved by pranayama, not directly. Cdr Sood

  4. leelasastry says:

    But SRI M ,
    Please explain that . What are the rules regarding prana , the life energies . Do they not have any thing with the breath . In kriya yoga it is said that offering of inhaling breath to exhaling breath and exhaling breath to inhaling breath is kriya pranayama . Please clear the point . regards leelasastry