Announcing VishraM – a 3-day program of Rest & Rejuvenation


ĀrogyaM, the Wellness Centre at The Sacred Grove, offers VishraM, 3 days of rest and rejuvenation. The programme starts at 11.00 AM on Friday, and ends with breakfast at 10.00 AM on Monday.

The programme includes

A detailed Ayurvedic consultation
Abhyanga – Synchronised Ayurvedic massage involving medicated oils administered by two therapists
Svedana – Perspiring using herbal medicated steam
Virechana – Purging using medicated castor oil
Shirodhara – A de-stress therapy where one and a half-litres of medicated oil is rhythmically dropped onto the forehead, relaxing the nerves and strengthening them.
Yoga practice that includes Asanas and Pranayama.

Who can benefit from VishraM?

Anyone above the age of 18, who wish to pause, relax, re-energise their body and mind, and be with nature away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


Treatment won’t be administered to women on their special days.
This is not a treatment for any illness, but a therapeutic programme.

Cost: ₹14,800 per person

This includes accommodation (on twin-sharing basis), food, and the treatments detailed. Any internal and external medication prescribed by the physician is not included.

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