Book Excerpt : The Upanishads by Sri M

In this book, Sri M has expounded upon various aspects of three great texts : Kathopanishad, Prashna Upanishad and Mundaka Upanishad, in a clear and easy manner.

He, who has lit the Nachiketas fire thrice

“He, who has lit the Nachiketas fire thrice, associating with the three, having performed the three acts, crosses over birth and death. And knowing the Son of Brahman, the omniscient, the resplendent and adorable Agni, and realizing Him, he attains everlasting peace.”

“Thrice” has different meanings. Basically, it means that not only has the fire been lit by the three dimensions of his being – the mind, speech and action (manasa, vaacha, karmana) – but they also reflect the seriousness with which he has lit that fire, which is the fire of desire to reach immortality.

“Associating with the three”: these three are shravana, manana and nidhidyasa, which mean, not only listening to what is being said but thinking about it constantly, contemplating on it and understanding it.

“Having performed the three acts”: there are three important acts or duties to be performed by a seeker or sadhaka.

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