Whether it is an urban setup or a rural setup, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) form the core of patient care. This is more challenging in remote places, where right from stabilizing a patient to reaching them to the nearest health care facility is difficult due to lack of awareness, poor logistics and inadequate services.

A fall can result in something as simple as a limb fracture or as grave as a head injury. Over the past couple of years, we have found that whether it is head injury or myocardial infarction (MI), many have lost their lives in the transit to higher centres. Many have landed up in a vegetative state as timely care was not accessible. The existing system here in Madanapalle is overburdened. Our aim is to improve patient safety and refer them to higher centres for Trauma Care in time.

In this light, this 38-bedded facility will be the first of its kind in Madanapalle to cater to such emergencies in the “Golden Hour,” with a fully equipped ambulance and trained paramedics to stabilize and move the patient from nearby villages to our facility, where right from imaging to surgical intervention, if required, will be available under one roof. Crucial life resuscitation services and in case of need, safe transfer to higher centres will be possible with this fully functional EMS. Thus, it will follow the chain of survival right uptill where emergency service ends and provide Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) or surgical interventions as deemed necessary.
While attending to immediate Medical, Surgical, Obstetric, Paediatric, Trauma need is one goal, creating awareness about these emergencies and general do’s and don’ts, educating people in identifying various medical emergencies and activating the appropriate EMS is of paramount importance.

Thus serving its primary goal of not only saving lives, but empowering others to be a part of this movement is the vision of this Emergency Wing.

It will have the following services in order to provide timely, guideline-based, efficient acute care:

  • 24-Hours Medical Emergency Helpline Number with a database of all healthcare facilities in and around Madanapalle.
  • 24-Hours Ambulance service fully equipped with AED, Oxygen and trained paramedic and driver.
  • Round the clock Hospital Based Emergency Department based on THE (As it is a certifying body and should be referred thus)NABH standards with four beds dedicated to all emergencies, where patients are admitted and stabilized using Basic and Advance Cardiac Life Support and taken care of by respective departments thereafter.
  • In cases where emergency operations are required, this Hospital is equipped with two fully functional Major Operation theatres, which will save precious time usually lost in transit.
  • Training and empowering the villagers and health professionals in First Aid & CPR and lifesaving techniques.

Your Contributions towards the 38 Bed Hospital will go a long way in ensuring a quick completion of the project.  Please write to for further details.