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Sarva Bhuta Hite Rataha” embodies the spirit of having the welfare of all beings at heart. The Satsang Foundation, inspired by Sri M’s teachings, believes in serving the underprivileged as an embodiment of Daridra Narayana or God in human form, viewing it as essential for the purification of our souls. With this guiding philosophy, we’re committed to making a difference through our various initiatives in education, healthcare, and environmental conservation across India. Our efforts have reached millions, thanks to the generosity of our donors and the dedication of our volunteers.

At The Satsang Foundation, we prioritize transparency and efficiency in the allocation of funds to ensure the maximum impact of your contributions on our projects.

Donations to The Satsang Foundation qualify for Income Tax exemption under Section 80 G of the IT Act, available exclusively to Indian taxpayers. This benefit does not extend to foreign nationals. For donation receipts or any queries, please reach out to Manjula via email at accounts@satsang-foundation.org or phone at 080 2548 0062. The treasurer is also available for assistance at treasurer@satsang-foundation.org / secretary@satsang-foundation.org.

Explore our Initiatives and Fundraising Projects through the links below to see how you can contribute to our cause

Your support is creating positive change!

A warm thank you from The Satsang Foundation Fundraising Team.