The Maha Shivarathiri 2018 Program with Sri M at Madanapalle

  • Date :

    13-14 February 2018

  • Time :

    As per program

  • Venue :

    TSF Campus Madanapalle

The Maha Shivarathiri celebrations are scheduled for Tuesday, 13th February, 2018. Registrations start on Friday, 15th December 2017 and end on Saturday, 13th January 2018. All are welcome to be in the benign presence of Sri M.

The Maha Shivarathiri 2018 registrations for Option B [with accommodation] is now closed



Please find the updated program below. The duration will be from the morning [11.00 AM] of Tuesday, 13th February to the morning of Wednesday, 14th February. The main program will be over by midnight of 13th February. There will be a group meditation followed by breakfast on the morning of 14th February.

Venue : The Satsang Foundation Campus, Madanapalle

08.00 AM – 10.55 AM – Check-in at Satsang Vidyalaya school

11.00 AM – Satsang with Sri M

12.05 PM – Lunch

04.00 PM – Tea

04.30 PM – Bhajans by students of Satsang Vidyalaya-Rural school-SWECHA

05.00 PM – Satsang with Sri M

06.05 PM – Lighting of Dhuni followed by Pranams/Prasad

07.30 PM – Snacks

08.00 PM – Violin solo concert by Thiruvananthapuram Shri R Mahadevan, Mridangam : Thiruvananthapuram Shri L Gopalakrishnan, Ghatom : Thiruvananthapuram Shri V Karthikeyan

10.00 PM – Chantings / Bhajans

12.05 AM – Dinner

05.45 AM – Tea

06.30 AM – Meditation [Meditation hall]

08.00 AM – Breakfast

Shanti – program concludes


Please Note:

You are requested to come on time to complete your ‘Check-In’ before 11.00 A.M., so that the volunteers can also participate in the Satsang.
 Kindly mention your Registration number during Check-in
 Venue for program : near Peepal Tree/ Temple area , Satsang campus .
 Dining is open from 12 noon on 13th to 10.00 AM on 14th only.
 There will be no group meetings / Kriya initiations / reviews with Sri M during Mahashivarathiri Celebrations.
 There are Satsangis who will be leaving Madanapale on the night of 13th and senior citizens participating in the Mahashivarathiri celebrations. You are requested to allow these Satsangis to lead the queue for Pranams with Sri M.
They will also be served dinner in the first batch
 You may contact Mr. Naveen at +91 93988 66237 or Mr. Mani at +91 96262 77000 for any assistance [only during 13th and 14th February 2018]

Participation fee [per person]

Participation is open under two options- A and B
Option A [Without accommodation]– Rs.1250/- Includes Vegetarian food comprising of Lunch, Snacks with Tea [evening] & Dinner on 13th February [Tuesday] AND morning tea & breakfast on 14th February [Wednesday] Participants under this option will have to make their own arrangements for stay.

Option B-[With accommodation] Rs.1500/- Includes everything under Option A above and dormitory accommodation [Classrooms converted into Dorms] at venue on Tuesday, 13th February, – one night only.
Only 150 persons can be accommodated at venue and hence bookings for Option B will be on a first-come-first-booked basis .
The next 25 persons [choosing option B] will be wait listed.
Note: One of the above registrations is necessary for participating in the Maha Shivarathiri Celebrations.

Wait listed participants

Wait-listed participants will be notified by E-Mail with a “wait list token number” and will have to make the participation fee applicable to Option A. They will be registered under the wait listed category.In case they are confirmed, they can make balance payment [as applicable to Option B] during check-in on 13th February. If they are not confirmed, they will automatically come under Option A and are requested to make their own arrangements for stay.

The status of wait-listed participants will progress as and when there is a cancellation and as per their priority in the waiting list . They will be intimated about their confirmation by E-mail. In case you want your driver to be served food at the venue, kindly register him in Option A. Option B is not available for drivers due to limited availability of dorms.

About the Accommodation at the Venue

Dormitory accommodation is provided in Satsang Vidyalaya classrooms
Accommodation at the Venue opens only on 13th February [Tuesday] morning and is upto 14th February [Wednesday] morning only.
One mattress and two bed sheets per participant will be provided.
Separate common Toilets/Baths will be provided for Women and Men. Drinking water will be provided in the dorms.
You are suggested to bring [air] pillow, mosquito repellent, torch light and Umbrella
We regret our inability to entertain requests for extension of stay and early arrival at Dorms .


Kindly register by sending following details [separately for each participant] to

Registration Form

• Name :
• Age :
• Gender :
• Address :
• Mobile number :
• E-mail :
• Option A [without accommodation] or Option B [with accommodation] ? ___________
• Lunch on 13th—–Yes/No
• Evening Snacks on 13th —–Yes/ No
• Dinner on 13th —–Yes/ No
• Breakfast on 14th —–Yes/No
• Vehicle number [if possible] _________________
• Are you a [Medical]Doctor? ——Yes/No
• Contact Name/Phone number of person to be contacted In Case of Emergency[ICE] ___________

You have to be registered under one of the two options [A or B] and have a token number to participate in the Maha Shivarathiri celebrations.

Token numbers

This is applicable for registrations under both Option A and Option B.
Upon receipt of the above Registration information, you will be sent a Temporary token number [One number per person] by E-mail. Kindly allow a week’s time to receive your temporary token number. This E-mail will also guide you to make your Participation fee.
Your Final token number will be intimated by E mail upon receipt of your participation fee. You will have to share your Final Token number when you check-in at Venue on 13th February to receive your Welcome/Registration Kit

No Spot Registrations

All arrangements for Mahashivarathiri are based on confirmed participation- especially food. The entire food is being prepared in a different location based on confirmed participants/registrations and transported to the venue. Hence, since we are not in a position to accommodate more persons than what has been confirmed , NO SPOT REGISTRATIONS at venue PLEASE.


Check-in starts at 8.30 A.M on 13th February 2018 at the venue
Your welcome kit containing your food coupons & accommodation details [for those choosing Option B] will be given upon Check-in. Your indication of food in Registration Form will determine the food coupons that you will get in the welcome kit

Kindly feel free to contact for any assistance at
You may contact [if necessary] – Mahesh T Ramadass at- 0 96266 77000 [10.30 A.M to 6 P.M].

Hotels in Madanapalle

For those who cannot be accommodated at Venue [Option A], a list of Hotels in Madanapale is given below. All rates are inclusive of taxes.
The following information on Hotels/Lodges is only suggestive in nature and does not assure or ratify the facilities and standards of the hotels\lodging establishments. The decision to stay in any hotel/lodge is entirely that of the participant.

1]. SREE KRISHNA RESIDENCY, [opp to Canara Bank], Patel road, Madanapalle.
Telephone : [08571]-224722, 220055, Mobile — 09849223535, 08985223535.
Family Suite A/C- Rs: 1900 + Tax 12%
Double bed A/C- Rs: 1500 + Tax 12%
Double bed non A/C- Rs: 900
No extra bed available

CTM Road,14-2-3.A, Madanapalle, (Beside Andhra bank)
PHONE NO : 08571 227006
DELUXE ROOM Non A/C – 800/-
EXTRA BED. – 150/-

3] S V Residence, Patel Road, [ opp to Canara Bank], Madanapalle.
Telephone : [08571] 220304. Mobile – 09441264499 , 9441864499 .
Suite A/C Rs.1800/-
Double bed A/c Rs.1200 /-
No extra bed available

4] BHAVANI RESIDENCY, Bhavani Towers , N T R Circle, Madanapalle.
Telephone [08571] -228886. Mobile – 0 77994 64835
Royal Suite A/c Rs.1904 /- Extra Bed Rs 150/-
Executive Suite A/C Rs.1456 /-
Double bed A/C Rs1232/- Extra Bed Rs 100/-
Double bed non A/C Rs.750 /-
Extra Bed [only eight extra beds available]

5] HOTEL DESAI, Near RTC Bus Stand, Madanapalle.
Telephone : 08571-225198, 09440334314
Double bed A/C Rs: 1200/- + GST 6%
Family Suite non A/C Rs:900 /-
Double bed non A/c Rs:700 /-
Single bed non A/C Rs:350/- No extra bed

6] CHAITANYA RESIDENCY, #14-64, CTM Road, Madanapalle
Telephone : 08571-220199, 08571-224800.
Double bed A/C Rs: 1300/- + GST 12%
Double bed non A/C Rs : 800/-
No extra bed

7] N V Residency. NTR Circle, Kadri Road, Madanapalle.
Telephone [08571] 224102 . E-mail
Executive Suite A/C Rs.1900 /- + GST 12%
Double bed A/C Rs.1300/- + GST 12%
Single bed A/c Rs.1500 /- +GST 12%
Double bed non A/c Rs.800 /- + 8% GST
Single bed non A/c Rs.700 /- + 8% GST
Extra bed – Rs.200/-, 24 hours hot water

8]HOTEL GANESH ,C.T.M.Road, Near RTC Bus stand, Madanapalle.
Phone No : 08571- 222102, 224982.
Triple bed A/c Rs.1000/- + GST 12%
Double bed non A/c Rs.600/-
Four bed non A/c Rs.1200/-
Single bed non A/c Rs.350/-
No extra bed

9]HOTEL ROJA DELUX ,C.T.M.Road, Near RTC Bus stand, Madanapalle.
Phone No : 08571- 220643, 228295.
Double bed A/C Rs.900/-
Double bed non A/C Rs.500 /-
Extra bed Rs.100/-

10) ANAND LODGE ,C.T.M.Road, Near RTC Bus stand,Madanapalle
Phone No : 08571- 226866, 226846
Double A/C Rs.1200/-
Double bed non A/C Rs.600/-
Triple bed non A/C Rs.800/-
Five bed non A/C Rs.900/-
Six bed non A/C Rs.1200/-
No extra bed

Note : In this lodge, rooms that can accommodate 10 to 12 persons also available.

11) SRI SRINIVASA LODGE, 1st Floor, C.T.M.Road, Near RTC Bus stand,
Madanapalle. Phone No : 08571- 228022, 228023.
Double bed A/C Rs.999 /-
Double bed non A/c Rs.800 /-
Triple bed A/C Rs.1250 /-
Extra bed Rs. 200/-

Madanapalle.Phone No : 08571-221222
Triple bed A/C Rs.1200 /-
Double bed non A/c Rs.600/-
Single bed Rs. 350/-
No extra bed

13]PRAKASH LODGE ,C.T.M.Road, Near RTC Bus stand,Madanapalle
Phone No: 08571- 223089, 0-99662 55055
Triple bed A/C Rs.1200/-
Triple bed non A/c Rs.800/-
No extra bed

Gollapalli bypass Road (Near Seshadri Sai Kalyana Mandapam),Madanapalle.
PHONE NO : +918712220221,+918985053999.
DELUXE ROOM A/C – 1200/-
SUITE ROOM A/C – 1600/- (3 persons can be Accommodated)
No extra bed.

Old National Highway, RRN Colony, Madanapalle
PHONE NO : 08571 222636 Phone no.9652202067
DELUXE ROOM A/C – 1800/-
VIP ROOMS A/C. – 2000/-
Triple Bed A/C – 2100/-
DOUBLE BED A/C – 1500/-
DOUBLE BED (NON A/C) – 900/-

CTM Road, Madanapalle. Phone no: 08571 226005
Double DELUXE – Rs.650/-
Triple DELUXE – Rs.1000/-
Double A/C – Rs.1200/-
Triple A/C – Rs.1400/-
Extra bed – Rs.200/-

2-214, Patel Road, Gopi Krishna powers, Above City Union bank, Madanapalle.
Phone no: 7416848079, 7386388872 Mail:
DELUXE ROOM A/C – RS. 1700 / – (3 members)
A/C ROOMS – RS.1500/- (3 members)
Non A/C – Rs.1000/- ( 2 members)
Extra Bed – Rs.200/-

Besant Road, Madanapalle, Cell-9440125045
Double A/C – Rs.1000/-
Triple A/C – Rs.1200/-
Four beds , A/C – RS.1600/- + GST
Doubl Non A/C – RS.700/-
Triple Non A/C – Rs.900/-

19] Vijayalakshmi LODGE ,Madanapalle

Phone No: 08571- 226005
Double bed A/c Rs.800/-
Double bed non A/c Rs.500/-
Triple bed A/c Rs.1000/-
Triple bed non A/C Rs.750/-
Extra bed A/c Rs.150/-
Extra bed non A/C Rs.100/-

About The Satsang Foundation

The Satsang Foundation, founded by Sri M, is a meeting point for spiritual seekers of all persuasions. The Satsang Foundation also extends a helping hand to the less privileged of society.