Register for the Consecration event of Adinath Sri Guru Mahavatar Babaji Temple, Madanapalle

  • Date :

    17 July 2024

  • Time :

    6.00 pm IST

  • Venue :


The Consecration of Adinath Sri Guru Mahavatar Babaji Temple is at 06.00 p.m. IST on Wednesday , 17th July, 2024.

All are welcome to participate in the divine event in the gracious presence of Sri M.

Venue: The Satsang Foundation Campus, Madanapalle (Google Map Link)

Registrations start at 08.00 a.m IST on Friday, 17th May, 2024.

  • Participation is free and open to everyone. However, Registration is mandatory for participating in the Consecration of the Temple.
  • We do not provide any accommodation facilities for this event .Participants will have to make their own arrangements for their stay. A suggestive list of Hotel accommodations in Madanapalle is provided at the end of this communication.


  • A Unique Identification number (UID) is required for everyone between age 13 and 70 , to register for any event of The Satsang Foundation.
  • Members with existing unique TSF ID can register by logging in to their account here
  • Individual profiles on the TSF web app need to be completed before registering for the event.
  • New members can click here to generate their unique TSF ID first and then register for the event.
  • If you would like to register a family member or a friend along with you, it can be done only if you have their unique TSF UID/registered email. Create their unique ID before registration begins and keep it handy with you.
  • Please click here for registration-related FAQ

Registration Link

To Register, please click on this link

Kindly note :

  • Only registered & confirmed participants will be allowed to participate in the event.
  • NO spot registrations will be permitted.
  • Registration slots are non-transferable.
  • You will receive a response on your registration status after you submit your registration.
  • Further information about the Temple Consecration will be communicated to confirmed participants.

Please feel free to contact for any assistance at :

For more information

You may contact only if necessary:

Mahesh T. Ramadass  + 91 81241 00000 [10.00 a.m to 06.00 p.m.]


Girish Kumar – + 91 83339 81303, + 91 98461 55359 [09.00 a.m. to 06.00 p.m.]
Kumar Gaurav – + 91 83339 81301 + 91 97179 25800 [06.00 p.m to 10.00 p.m.]

In case your call is not attended, kindly leave a WhatsApp message with your query and we will connect back with you at the earliest.

Hotels in Madanapalle

The following information on Hotels/Lodges is only suggestive in nature and the organizers or The Satsang Foundation do not assure or ratify the facilities and standards of the hotels/lodging establishments. The decision to stay in any hotel/lodge is entirely that of the participant.

Sree Krishna Residency
Opp to Canara bank, Patel road, Madanapalle
(08571)-224722, 220055, 098492 23535,089852 23535

Double bed A/C: Rs. 1700 + tax
Double bed Non: A/C: Rs. 1100 + tax
Family suite A/C: Rs.2000 +tax
Extra bed : Not available.

Tripura Sundari Residency
CTM road, 14-2-3.A, Madanapalle, (Beside Andhra bank)
08571- 227006, 70135 46122

Triple bed room A/C: Rs. 2200 + tax
Deluxe room A/C: Rs. 1500 + tax
Deluxe non A/C: Rs. 1000+ tax
Extra bed: Rs. 150

S V Residence
Patel Road, [opp to Canara Bank], Madanapalle.
[08571] 220304. 09441264499, 9441864499.

Double bed A/C: Rs. 1000
Family suit A/C: Rs. 1800
Extra bed: Rs. 200

Hotel Desai
Near RTC Bus Stand, Madanapalle.
[08571] – 225198.

Double bed A/C: Rs. 1600+ tax
Double bed non A/C: Rs. 1000+tax
Extra bed: Not available

VSR Grand
Near RTC Bus Stand, CTM Road, Madanapalle.
E-mail :

Single bed non A/c Standard : Rs.3000
Double bed A/C: Rs. 5200
Double bed non A/C: Rs. 3500
Triple bed room A/C: Rs.5000 (Premier Suite)
Deluxe room A/C: Rs. 2500 (2 Person 2500, Rs.4000 for 4 Person)
Family suite A/C: Rs.6000 (4 Person, Royal Suite)
Royal suite A/C: Rs.6500 (4 Person, Royal Club Suite)

Chaitanya Residency
14-64, CTM Road, Madanapalle
08571-220199, 224800.

Double bed A/C: Rs: 1600 + Tax
Double bed non A/C : Rs: 1100+ Tax
Extra bed: Not available

N V Grand
NTR Circle, Kadri Road, Madanapalle.
97002 76666 e-mail:

Double bed A/C: Rs. 1800
Double bed non A/C: Rs.1400
Deluxe room A/C: 3 bed Rs.2500
Deluxe non A/C: 3 bed Rs. 2200
Royal suite A/C: 4 bed Rs.3500
Extra bed: not available

Hotel Ganesh
C.T.M.Road, Near RTC Bus stand, Madanapalle.
08571- 356335

Single bed non A/C: Rs.500
Double bed non A/C: Rs.900
Triple bed room A/C: Rs.1800
Four bed non A/C: Rs. 1600
Extra bed: not available.

Hotel Roja Deluxe
C.T.M.Road, Near RTC Bus stand, Madanapalle.
08571- 220643, 228295.

Double bed A/C: Rs.1500
Double bed non A/C: Rs .900
Extra bed: Rs.100.

Sri Sreenivasa Lodge
C.T.M.Road, Near RTC Bus stand, Madanapalle
08571- 228022, 228023, 88866 76673

Single bed non A/c: Rs.1000
Double bed A/c: Rs.2000
Double bed non A/C: Rs: Rs.1600
Triple bed room A/C: Rs. 2600
Extra bed: Rs. 500

Sri Narasimha Lodge
C.T.M.Road, Near RTC Bus stand, Madanapalle.

Double bed A/C: Rs. 1500.00
Double bed non A/C: Rs. 1200
Extra bed: not available

Prakash Lodge
C.T.M.Road, Near RTC Bus stand,Madanapalle
08571- 223089

Single bed non A/c: Rs. 500
Double bed non A/C: Rs. 750
Triple bed Non A/C Rs. 1000
Extra bed: not available.

MVR Residency
Old National Highway, RRN Colony, Madanapalle
08571 222636, 96522 02067

Double bed A/C: Rs. 1600
Double bed non A/C: Rs. 900
Triple bed room A/C: Rs. 2300
Deluxe room A/C : Rs. 2500
VIP A/C rooms : Rs. 2500
Extra bed: not available.

Sri Vijaya Lodge A/C
CTM Road, Madanapalle
08571 226005

Double bed A/C: Rs. 1700
Triple bed room A/C: Rs. 1800
Double Deluxe non A/C: Rs. 950
Triple deluxe non A/C Rs: 1700
Extra bed: Rs 200

GK Grand Residency
2-214, Patel Road, Gopi Krishna Towers, above City Union bank, Madanapalle.
74168 48079, 73863 88872 e-mail:

Double bed A/C: Rs. 1600
Double bed non A/C: Rs. 1000
Deluxe room A/C: Rs. 1700 (3 members)
Extra bed: Rs.200

Raj Bhavan A/c Lodge
Besant Road, Madanapalle
+91 94401 25045

Double bed A/C: Rs. 1500
Double bed non A/C: Rs.1000
Triple bed room A/C: Rs. 1800
Triple bed Non A/C Rs. 1300
Extra bed: not available.

JNR Grand
Near Reliance Trendz, Gollapalli cross, Madanapalle
+91 94944 24288

Deluxe room A/C: Rs. 2000
Family suit A/C: Rs. 3500
Executive Suite A/C: Rs. 2500,
Deluxe Suite A/C: Rs. 3000
Extra bed: Rs. 500

Zam Zam Residency
Opp Axis bank, C.T.M road, Upstairs of Fincrop bank, Madanapalle
+91 83400 48999, +91 83400 58999

Double bed A/C: Rs. 1700
Double bed non A/C: Rs. 900
Triple bed A/C: Rs. 2500
Triple non A/C Rs. 1900
Deluxe room A/C: Rs. 2000
Deluxe non A/C: Rs. 1500
Family Suite A/C: Rs.2800
Family Suite non A/C: Rs.2200
Extra bed: not available.

All Season Residency
Opp M Grand, near Reliance Trendz
76888 22268, 98493 70323. Email –

Double bed A/C: Rs. 2300
Double bed non A/C:Rs. 2100
Family suite A/C: Rs. 3800
Extra bed: not available.

The above prices may vary at the time of booking due to seasonal demand. You are requested to verify/ascertain the tariff & taxes while making your reservations/bookings.

About The Satsang Foundation

The Satsang Foundation, founded by Sri M, is a meeting point for spiritual seekers of all persuasions. The Satsang Foundation also extends a helping hand to the less privileged of society.