Satsang with Sri M at Kollam on 29 April 2023

  • Date :

    29 April 2023

  • Time :

    As per Program

  • Venue :

    Panmana Asramam, Kollam, Kerala

The Satsang Foundation is delighted to invite you to join Sri M at Kollam, Kerala in April 2023. Sri M will be holding a satsang as a part of the Samadhi Shatabdi celebration of Sree Vidyadhiraja Chattambi Swamikal.

Chattambi Swami was a great yogi and social reformer. He made revolutionary attempts to explain Vedic theories to ordinary people in a simple language and thereby to free them from the darkness of ignorance. He spent his last years in Panmana, a remote village in Kollam. Like other Siddhas before him, he had a clear premonition about the impending end of his physical existence. He left this world on May 5, 1924.

Date : 29th April 2023
Topic : Samadhi Pada of Yoga Sutra with special reference to the Yoga Sudhakara Vritti of Sadasiva Brahmendra (in Malayalam)
Venue: Panmana Asramam, Panmana P.O, Kollam Kerala, India.
Location : Click here

Tentative Program Timings

Satsang with Sri M : 10:30 am to 12:00 pm ; Please be seated by 10.15 am
Satsang with Sri M : 4:00 pm to 5.00 pm ; Please be seated by 3.45 pm

All are welcome.

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