The MyTree Project | Guna, Madhya Pradesh | 15 July 2016

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The MyTree initiative—proposed by Sri M—was implemented in Guna, Madhya Pradesh by students and teachers of Shanti Public Higher Secondary School, in collaboration with the Forest Department. The agenda was to plant the seeds and assume responsibility towards environment, based on the guidelines of MyTree project.

The students understood their responsibility towards ‘Mother Earth’ and adopted an innovative way of afforestation. The students had collected and preserved the seeds of the fruit trees during their summer vacation. These seeds were submitted to the school after the vacation. Seeds were mostly of fruits like Mango, Black Plum, Tamarind, and Papaya.

200 students from all classes contributed in the seed collection and 30 teachers of the school participated in a seed plantation drill in an area about 4.5 km from school, close to Royal Vyas Palace in Guna, which is owned by the Forest Department. The teachers were enthusiastic about the plantation because they were taking the student’s valuable efforts a step ahead. The drill was successfully carried out and the school was appreciated by the Forest Department for their responsible efforts.

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