Sri M said…

The Sufis also sang about love. In fact, there is a beautiful Sufi poem. It’s about love; it’s about losing oneself in the love of the Supreme. The great Sufi, Hazrat Shah Niyaz, said: Aql ke madrase se uth, ishq ke maikade main aa; Jaame Fanaa-o-Bekhudi … ab to piya, jo ho so ho, jo ho so ho. What has to happen will happen. Not to worry. There is no khud; there is selflessness and surrender. Now that you have drunk the wine of annihilation – fanaa – and selflessness and surrender, what are you afraid of ? When you think of the Lord, the Supreme, there is no time to think of yourself. Come into the tavern of ishq – of love, affection, and unconditional ecstatic love – which means to exit the school of the intellect. Get up! Enough! Wind up!

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