Children’s Day Celebrations, The Satsang Vidyalaya, Madanapalle

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The week leading up to Children’s Day saw children engaging in drawings and animated discussions on Chacha Nehru, along with the impending preparation for a special assembly. Many a class could be found rehearsing – a speech, dance, or song – during break time in the campus.

On November 14, children arrived at school – dressed in their Sunday best. A special lunch, ending with a dessert of fruit salad with ice-cream, added to the excitement. This was followed by the assembly. The Head Boy and Girl offered flowers to a portrait of Pandit Nehru before the first item on the agenda: Two-minute Debates.

The students chose the topics that ranged from burning issues like Plastic or No Plastic, Uniform or no Uniform in school, to Shoes or no Shoes, Homework or no Homework, and culminated with the most relevant issue: School or no School. Seeing children, as young as eight, hold a microphone and express their opinions in front of the entire school was a delight.

Amidst much cheer and applause, the children then led a cultural program of songs and speeches, interspersed with skits and dances. The house was brought down by a particular dance with drumming by students of the primary and senior school.

After the celebrations, students went home happy with new stationery and treats. It was a day to remember indeed!

– Teachers of The Satsang Vidyalaya, Madanapalle

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