The Experiential Camps at Riverview Retreat

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It is possible to gain information from many sources these days but effective learning requires direct experience and close interaction with facilitators. The process of learning is closely related to the environment around us as well as the state of mind. At the Riverview Retreat we have created space that is in close proximity to nature, where students live with teachers who are interested in sharing and nurturing enquiring minds. Through carefully designed activities, the mind is made ready to receive, reflect and assimilate.

The schedule for each camp varies, given the age group, period of interaction, and availability of the resource persons. All the same, the following core areas are emphasized –

1. Yoga is an important component of the camp at the Riverview Retreat, as it enables learning in all its forms. It is not possible to introduce all aspects of Yoga in the short span of duration of the camp but we would like for the students to get a glimpse of all the relevant dimensions. Education today with an overemphasis on the outward, largely neglects the inner dimensions of consciousness. We address this through exercises and activities that enhance inner quiet, reflection, contemplation and awareness.

2. Spirit of enquiry is the foundation of any teaching-learning process. We nurture this important faculty through story telling sessions, listening and enquiring, reflections and dialogues.

3. Connecting with the physical environment through Nature Walks that introduce children to the Flora and Fauna of the region is an essential part of the camps.

4. The campsite is located near the legendary source of five rivers. A valuable experience lies in store for the children when, through forest treks they experience the climate, geology and ecology of the region and through the narration of oral histories and legends they meet the people who live there. These activities are designed so that hitherto academic subjects such as history and geography may be absorbed through tools such as observation and participation, in the life and activities, of people who live along the rivers.

5. Children are then encouraged to record their observations in the form of journal entries, and reports as well as in the form of poetry, drawing and painting. This is aimed at consolidating their impressions and learning about the ecological, social and aesthetic aspects of the region at the same time providing them a channel of expression for their concerns and questions.

6. We request teachers, guardians and parents to facilitate this process by helping their students access readings and references that are listed at the bottom of the camp schedule. We would appreciate if the facilitators at the camp are involved in the follow up exercises.

Camping facilities

The campsite is designed to accommodate twenty- twenty five students in well equipped tents. The accompanying teachers can be provided separate tents. More numbers will be a crowd and not conducive for experiential learning.

Activities and Resource persons

A typical schedule includes, Yoga for Children and related games, Storytelling to ignite enquiry, reflection, attention, and awareness. There are Nature Walks, Treks, Bird watching, Outdoor games, Crafts, Cooking, Music, Origami, and Painting.

Our Resource Persons are not only trained in Yoga Asanas and Pranayama but have been studying and sharing different dimensions of Yoga. There are environmentalists, seasoned trekkers, innovative crafts persons, and passionate chefs.

The schedules are designed and executed by reflective educationists who are exploring alternatives approaches to learning and sharing.

For further details please Contact:
Dr ( Ms) Tejinder Walia at Riverview Retreat or + 91 9823271502

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