The Peepal Grove School completes nine years


Come June 2015, The Peepal Grove School completes nine years.

In these nine years, both students and teachers have learnt that lessons can be fun, stimulating and demanding – all at the same time.

Teachers try out different methods, while always trying to ensure that each student is catered to. They know that all students do not learn at the same pace, but the school does try to ensure that all students are constantly upgrading their skills and adding to their knowledge. Extra- curricular activities (games, music, dance, yoga, kalaripayattu, art, craft) are offered after classes and students benefit from attending them.

However, they also enjoy lessons where they get the opportunity to express their understanding of concepts through mime, songs, skits, drawing, painting, oral or power- point presentations. Rote-learning is not encouraged and students are expected to challenge teachers with questions which try to go beyond the syllabus.

Classrooms are dynamic spaces with room for discussions and debates. Reflection and introspection is also encouraged and by learning to live together, students learn life-skills like collaboration and conflict resolution. Visitors frequently offer workshops in different areas. The school welcomes students, and adults who are interested in deeper aspects of living and learning. Adults who are interested in being part of this community for short periods can contribute in different ways. The school, located in verdant surroundings, away from city life, offers a holistic lifestyle.

All in all, a memorable nine years.

About The Satsang Foundation

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