Rejuvenation of Ancient Kunds on Brahmagiri Mountain

The magnificent slopes of the Brahmagiri Mountain, source of the River Godavari, harbors more than 108 kunds (tanks or ponds) which play a vital role in recharging the subterranean streams that feed the river. Most of these ancient kunds are associated with temples while others  were used as public utilities. However, they are in various stages of disrepair and disuse.


On 3 Oct 2023, Sri M and Dr. Rajendra Singh launched the rejuvenation program of the kunds by offering a ceremonial puja at the Gangasagar Lake in Trimbak, marking a formal beginning of this work which will be implemented in regular phases until 2027.

Restoration Efforts

The Aviral Godavari team comprising hydrological, topographical, and civil engineering experts has carried out a detailed analysis of 26 of these crucial ponds and identified the restoration of each one of them using indigenous techniques, thus respecting the heritage value of the kunds, and tapping into the ancient socio-cultural and scientific wisdom embedded in these techniques.

Impact of Restoration

Once these kunds are rejuvenated, they will provide water not only to the human settlements on the Brahmagiri Mountain for domestic and horticultural uses, but also make plentiful water available to the flora and the fauna that forms this delicate ecosystem.

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