How should one pray to the Lord?

If you believe that the Lord knows exactly what is needed for you, you don’t have to inform the infinite supreme being what you want.
In the temple what is represented is that infinite supreme being in a form so that you can fix your attention there. So, even though you are praying to the deity in the temple, you are praying to the supreme being.

From my point of view, you pray as you like.
What I would say is just go there and start by saying that you who are sitting here, who are represented here, are no different from the supreme being. So I am praying to you. You know best what is necessary for my evolution. So please do that for me. Say thank you and go out.

If you pray, this is the best prayer. Because sometimes the Supreme Being knows what is best for us better than we know.
Suppose we ask for something and he gives us, it may not be the best for us. Suppose I say, God please give me this, even if God comes and suppose, speculatively God appears and says no, my dear, this is better for you, but you want this only because the mind is limited, one can see only this much.. We get it but it may not be what is needed because there is a difference between what we want and what we need.

However, there is a better way of prayer. Say what you think is best for me, let it happen.

What is Ishvara Pranidhanena?

Ishvara Pranidhanena means to surrender to Ishvara. That is one of the methods prescribed in the Yoga Sutras. It means think of the Supreme Being as a creator and surrender to Him. It is one of the ways of attaining Samadhi.

Sri M

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