Sri M Answers | Does protecting the environment have a commonality with spirituality?

From Sri M’s Hello Joy Alukkas Radio interview by Salin Mankuzhy, broadcast on 27 June 2016 from 8:30 am to 9:30 am IST.

Q: Is there a message in this planting of saplings as part Of MyTree project initiated by you? Does protecting the environment have a commonality with spirituality? This aspect of Manavikata or Manushayatwa – is that the perspective being nurtured?

Sri M: Yes, there is indeed a message. To a big extent, we can protect the environment. It is just the beginning. Only after some time, we can say something concrete about this, or assess how effective it is.

This initiative of planting a sapling is called MyTree. MyTree, which can also be called Maitri, has been initiated, wherein someone sows a sapling and we hand it over to him or her to be further nurtured. A tree is a symbol. First, environmentally, trees are necessary. Moreover, nurturing a small seed into a tree is a big thing. And, if this becomes a general attitude, then we can nurture and bring up small kids too one day, in a similar way.

Taking care of your own child is not a big thing. Even monkeys take care of their children – sometimes, in a better way. It is inbuilt in nature to take care of one’s own child, but when we begin to take care of others’ children, then it becomes extraordinary.

Hence, planting a sapling is a symbol of Manavikata. It is environmentally beneficial, but is also a symbol of adopting another ‘Jeeva’ – another being/life – and nurturing it. The attitude behind a seed being nurtured into a tree has to be encouraged. It is important.

No one has the capacity of thinking through a matter completely. In the case of a Yogi, this may be possible. The signature of an expanded mind is – there won’t be any issue in accepting useful suggestions given by another person. We must consider it without rejecting that view outright. Somebody says something. You are thinking, “Who is this fellow to say something like this?” This will stop further suggestions or ideas from others. If the openness in one’s mind – that there is much more to know – is kept alive, then we will be able to accept more. Or, else, we cannot accept new things.

Hence, what I say is that the ‘learning process’ is never going to be complete. It is a continuous flow. Sometimes, I may know certain things better than you; maybe you know certain things more than me. The readiness to accept this aspect is the sign of mind expansion, its signature of openness. Lack of this understanding is behind most of the problems we create today.

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