Blossoming Partnerships take MyTree to wider swathes of the country

Guru Purnima 2016 marked the beginnings of  a unique environmental endeavour by Sri M to plant and nurture trees in a bid to green the planet, reduce our carbon footprint, and promote sustainable living.

MyTree, deriving from the Sanskrit word Maitri or amity,  has since grown from its launch in Madanapalle to embrace not only the entire country but also the globe in partnership with various committed groups, like-minded NGOs, and CSR initiatives of many businesses.

The past two months have seen the blossoming and nurturing of key partnerships to take the message of sustainable living into wider swathes of the country as evidenced by the instances below:

Dense Forest Project at The Peepal Grove School, Sadum

Akin to the forest academies of ancient India, the cool canopy of trees, their rustling leaves, and soothing presence have always provided a space for conducive learning at The Peepal Grove School (TPGS), established by Sri M in Sadum Mandal, Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh.

This modern-day gurukula nestled in lush greenery was chosen by Team MyTree Bengaluru of The Satsang Foundation (TSF) for a dense forest plantation drive on 5th September 2023.

The Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL), Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, sponsored 6000 saplings of native trees for this plantation drive ushering in an  eco-conscious celebration of ‘Indian Oil Day’.  Volunteers of Team MyTree Bengaluru helped select, procure, and transport these saplings to TPGS in preparation for this mammoth joint effort while TPGS students and teachers have committed to nurture the saplings in the spirit of maitri – loving friendship with Nature.

MyTree volunteers, IOCL officials, TPGS students and teachers planted  saplings of over 30 tree and shrub species such as jamun, neem, mango, huvarasi, lagerstroemia, peepal, banyan, bamboo, and Indian gooseberry across half an acre of land. 

The drive was a wonderful occasion for TPGS educators and learners to celebrate Teacher’s Day too as they worked together to help create and maintain the dense forest at their school.

The Sacred Triveni and 3132 saplings planted at Ordnance Factory, Dehu

On the 1st of October, the eve of Gandhi Jayanti, volunteers of Team MyTree, Munitions India Ltd, Biospheres, and Ecosphere participated in a plantation drive at the Ordnance Factory, Dehu Road near Pune.

During the inaugural session of this plantation drive, the volunteers joined hands to plant over 300 saplings and what is considered the sacred three or Triveni of banyan, neem, and peepal saplings. These three trees are revered for their spiritual significance and environmental benefits as their large canopy of interlocking branches provides a natural haven for several species of nesting birds and other fauna. Subsequently, 3132 saplings of indigenous trees were planted:  1008 banyan saplings, 1008 peepal saplings, 1008 cluster fig saplings, and 108 saplings of other important wild edibles and medicinal tree species such as neem, amla, tamarind, and jamun.

Caretakers at the Ordnance Factory have committed to nurture these  saplings while MyTree volunteers will monitor their growth regularly.

Kabbadi Youth Seva League invigorates MyTree drives in Madanapalle, Chowdepalle

In Madanapalle, two representatives from the Kabbadi Youth Seva (KYS) league that had donated 27 trees to the TSF campus and 105 to TSF’s “Sacred Grove- the Centre for Exploring Consciousness”, a 45 minute drive from the Madanapalle campus located in Chowdepalle, joined hands with the MyTree project for plantation.

The 132 trees that KYS donated were in commemoration of the 132 matches that the league has played so far and they were keen that the plantation take place on Sri M’s birth anniversary week being celebrated as Seva Utsav by TSF to double the joy of their celebrations.

The newly constructed Swaasthya Hospital periphery was the chosen venue where volunteers and staff from the hospital as well as TSF Madanapalle gathered on the occasion to initiate the process along with the two KYS volunteers.  

Sampangi (champak), bauhinia, neem, and peltophorum trees adorned two paths around the Swaasthya Hospital adding life, colour, and nature’s touch to the sparkling ochre and green glass-fronted building.

Later, at the lush, undulating beautifully wrought campus of the Sacred Grove, rain trees, hydrangeas, champakas, gulmohurs, Ficus Krishna, plumeria, and gardenia were among the trees planted by the KYS representatives, volunteers, staff and residents to add further serenity to the venue.

The KYS league has committed to support subsequent MyTree plantation drives.

As MyTree projects continue their steady march towards the greening of the country,  The Satsang Foundation invites  trusted partners and collaborators to work hand in hand with us and help spread the spirit of harmonious coexistence with Nature.

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