MyTree Project

Hon.CM of Kerala launches the MyTree Project


To promote sustainable living by encouraging planting of trees.

Sustainable Living

MyTree Project aims to inspire harmony with nature to energise our immediate eco-systems and reducing our personal footprint. The initiatives envisage working closely with governments, businesses and local communities to facilitate sustainable living. The project encapsulates a mode of living where we live within the innate carrying capacity of the planet and inform the stakeholders about the dangers of global warming, increasing pollution, indiscriminate mining, elimination of forest cover, unregulated expansion of urban spaces and exploding population growth will be part of the campaign. Afforestation, rain harvesting and maintenance of water bodies will be undertaken with due diligence.



MyTree is inspired by the Sanskrit word – Maitri – meaning amity. Amity conforms to the concept of Manav Ekta (oneness of humanity) propounded by Sri M, which is being implemented through the various programs of the Mission. It is envisioned that by encouraging an individual/community-led partnership to plant trees, a natural human alliance will be formed to ensure a sustainable relationship with nature. This amity or Mytree (derived from Maitri) will become the crux of the proposed initiative.

News & Updates

Share and Inspire to Increase Green Cover!

The MyTree Each One, Plant Two Movement is now in its third year! Dear MyTree Warriors and participants of Phase 1, congratulations on reaching Phase 2 of the Each One, Plant Two Movement!


Preserving the Devrais in Maharashtra

Devrais are sacred groves situated in the Western Ghats, Maharashtra. The word devrai comes from two words: dev which is God and rai which is forest. These sacred groves or God’s forests are key hotspots of biological diversity wherein the felling of trees and killing of animals is considered taboo by the local communities. They play a pivotal role in the maintenance of the local ecological balance, conservation of watersheds, and preservation of bioresources.


MyTree Project – An Urban Dense Forest

Over 1000 trees were planted in about 5000 sq ft of land. The trees were chosen and the planting grid designed based on the Miyawaki Dense Forest concept as adapted to local conditions.