MyTree Projects Vivify Lands Across Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh

MyTree projects across three Indian states have borne fruit over the past six years transforming urban wastelands and depleting green cover in rural hinterlands to breathe fresh life into Mother Earth.

From 10,000 square feet of Wasteland to Urban Flower Forest in Chennai

In Villivakkam, Chennai, 10,000 square feet of urban wasteland has been transformed into an ecologically vibrant urban flower forest that also produces fruits and is sustained through a drip irrigation system for easy maintenance and timely watering.

In collaboration with ExNoRa International, an environmental NGO, and local groups, Team MyTree Chennai worked consistently on a piece of land owned by the Railways that had become a dumping ground for waste and a den for anti-social activities.

The urban flower forest, a fragrant haven for the local community, now also provides fruits and flowers for decoration and distribution in an adjoining, newly-constructed temple that serves this community.

MyTree Mumbai, Pune Work Miracles with Defence Forces, Gram Panchayats, Local Bodies

From Barren Land to Butterfly Garden in Thane

Working closely with the Residential Air Force Area (RAFA) and Kendriya Vidyalaya, members of Team MyTree Mumbai embarked on a remarkable plantation drive in Thane under the expert guidance of Hirva Swapna, an environmental NGO.

The team planted 150 grafted saplings of fruit trees that included five varieties of mangoes, lemons, sapota and jamuns. The Hirva Swapna team contributed 100 plants that attract butterflies while the RAFA team provided soil and manure. They also assured all volunteers that the saplings would be regularly watered and taken care of.

MyTree Mumbai volunteers were delighted to witness the extraordinary metamorphosis of a barren piece of land into a captivating butterfly garden thanks to the vision of Hirva Swapna and their toil over three months. 

Hope Takes Root Amidst Dark Days of the Pandemic at Kelad, Pune

Even as the pandemic lingered on in July 2021, members of Team MyTree Pune planted 100 saplings of native trees in the hilly area of Kelad, 85 kms from Pune. Choosing saplings of native Bel (Wood Apple), Mango, Neem, and Guava trees, the team members planted them on a hillside fed by rain and groundwater

The one-acre plot now boasts a survival rate of 55 to 60 % as the saplings that have taken root amidst surrounding dry grass are holding on to the land, preventing erosion, and providing oxygen and shade.

MyTree Pune Creates Forests of God (Devrais) at Loy and Pimpod, Nandurbar District

Devrais  or Forests of God, are sacred groves that shelter either a few trees or a dense cluster of several hundred trees. The Konkan region and the Western Ghats of Maharashtra currently boast of 250 natural devrais where cutting of trees is forbidden, ensuring protection and sustenance of the delicate ecosystem of this region.

Team MyTree Pune created a  devrai in October 2022 by planting 250 saplings at Loy and 365 saplings at Pimpod Gram Panchayats, Nandurbar District to help green the barren land in this area. Drip irrigation systems provided ample water for these precious saplings lovingly looked after by caretakers from the Gram Panchayat Development Support Centre.

Their efforts have since borne fruit with both areas transforming into a  beautiful dwelling place for several species of flora and fauna.

MyTree Bengaluru, Residents Join Hands to Enrich the Enchanting Sacred Grove

The enchanting Sacred Grove at Chowdepalle is set to bloom with even more vibrant colors in the days to come. During a visit on 27th and 28th May 2023, members of Team MyTree Bengaluru joined hands with the residents to participate in a plantation drive of flowering and fruiting saplings carefully selected to attract butterflies, bees, and birds.

The team members offered 445 saplings of 50 different species of trees, shrubs, and creepers such as Rudraksha, Peepal, Indian tulip, African tulip, Kadamba, Buttercup trees, Mahua, Avocado, Bakul, Tabebuia, Mysore trumpetvine, Petria, and Chameli. Youngsters and elders alike, worked together in the spirit of maitri – loving friendship with the tender saplings which will be cared for by The Sacred Grove team.

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