The Satsang Foundation launches Project Aviral Godavari

The Satsang Foundation invites you to the launch of Project Aviral Godavari-Rejuvenating the Source and the Journey of the River, on November 6th, Sri M’s Birthday at Brahmagiri, Trimbakeshwar.

‘Aviral Godavari’ is a project to ensure the greenery of Brahma Giri (which is the origin of the Godavari river) and the downstream path of the river. ‘Aviral’ means uninterrupted or continuous – the project aims to ensure an uninterrupted flow of water for all living beings dependent on the Godavari. The programme is being developed with mutual support between the government-teams and civil society-teams under the ‘Amrit Mahotsav Nadi Yatras’.

This massive multi-year project, across 5 states will involve local, state and the central government, civic society organisations and the public at large, to restore and rejuvenate the Godavari to its original yearlong glory.

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