Support Swaasthya Hospitals in equipping its healthcare professionals with cutting edge skills

Swaasthya Hospitals is upgrading the skills of its medical professionals with a three month intensive course on molecular diagnostic techniques that will improve the accuracy and speed to detect microbial pathogens, analyse a patient’s genes and become the gateway to  patient-tailored interventions and therapeutics.

The pressing need to train local medical professionals in molecular diagnostics was felt by Sri M during the COVID pandemic with all patients having to wait for results to arrive from well-equipped diagnostic centres located hundreds of kilometres away. It was the same for cancer patients as well, undergoing treatment in and around Madanapalle.

After the setting up of Swaasthya Hospitals in 2023, TATA MD generously donated two vans for molecular diagnostics this year and are now following it up by launching an extensive training program focused on Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) and Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction (RTPCR) for doctors, nurses and technicians from the hospital.

The PCR and RTPCR training program promises to equip medical professionals with essential skills to meet the rising demand for molecular diagnostics to diagnose and treat complex diseases like cancers, deadly virus induced diseases like swine and avian flu and newly emergent infectious maladies like Covid.  Both Swaasthya Hospitals and TATA MD remain dedicated to fostering a culture of continuous learning and development in healthcare, ultimately enhancing patient care and advancing medical science.

The training marks a significant stride in empowering healthcare professionals with cutting-edge molecular diagnostic capabilities. The comprehensive approach, hands-on learning and collaborative environment ensure participants are well-prepared to harness PCR and RTPCR techniques effectively in their clinical practice, becoming ably equipped to serve the underserved populations in and around Madanapalle.

To contribute to providing cutting edge medical technology and quality health care to underserved rural populations, please donate generously to Swaasthya Hospitals.

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