Critical Care at Swaasthya Hospitals

Swaasthya hospital at Madanapalli is an initiative of The Satsang Foundation, started with a vision to provide quality health care to rural poor, by the visionary spiritual master and social reformer Sri M ( Sri Mumtaz Ali ). The foundation was laid by Sri Ramnath Kovind, the Honourable President of India in 2021 and the construction was ushered in.

Critical care service is the utmost important life saving measure in medical practice for life threatening illnesses. Crucial timely intervention can save many lives. Bigger hospitals in larger cities have this facilities but in peripheral rural areas like in Madanapalle we do not have such critical care units due to non availability of infrastructure , technology and skill sets. As a result many people lose lives and many can’t even afford to travel to a nearby city.

It is the vision of Sri M , to make Swaasthya Hospital into a state of the art critical care facility, easily accessible and available for the local people. For this, the envisioned hospital will require the ‘critical care’ infrastructure including state of the art ventillators to provide timely support of breathing, Multi-modality Monitors that can help clinicians to maintain all the crucial vital functions of the body (pulse, BP, oxygen level, ECG, Heart rate, Respiratory rate, blood oxygen saturation and other metabolic functions of the body ) time to time and making real time adjustments and corrections. Thus the systems will be supported enough till the body regains full functional capacity.

Single most factor that determines the final outcome is the ‘timely intervention’. Thus we will be able to save many lives through such critical services available at the door step of the people in Madanapalle.

So far the excavation, foundation and basement work is completed including the roof. The pillars from the ground floor are also completed and ready for concreting the roof. At the basement all the planned infrastructure including the underground pits and the waterproofing is in place. The provision for the patient bed lift is also ready.

With Sri M’s guidance, blessings and supervision, the construction is progressing at a rapid pace, and likely to be ready to offer services by the second half of 2022.

From now the construction will move at a more rapid pace than before. Therefore the need for resources is important to keep pace with the timeline of the project. It is our sincere and earnest request to support this life saving project become a reality.

We look forward to your valuable support in contributing for the required life saving gadgets and be a partner to this life saving MISSION.

All the contributions are eligible for income tax exemptions , apart from due acknowledgment.

About The Satsang Foundation

The Satsang Foundation, founded by Sri M, is a meeting point for spiritual seekers of all persuasions. The Satsang Foundation also extends a helping hand to the less privileged of society.