Announcing the Inauguration of The Sacred Grove at Chowdepalle

It was in November 2014, that Sri M shared his intent to set up a ‘Study Centre’. Three years later, while travelling from Madanapalle to Sadum in Andhra Pradesh, he pointed towards the fields of Chowdepalle, to look for suitable land. And, on 3rd July 2022, The Sacred Grove is ready to be inaugurated and welcome everyone.

The Sacred Grove, Chowdepalle, is set on 17 acres of land, surrounded by hills and paddy fields in the village of Pedda Kondamari, which is around 4 kms from Chowdepalle town, and roughly 29 kilometres from the headquarters of The Satsang Foundation at Madanapalle, A.P. This picturesque piece of land overlooks a hill with a temple dedicated to Lakshmi-Narsimha Swami, the presiding deity of this region.

In the ancient traditions, both of the Eastern and Western origin, the Sacred Groves provided an ambience for self-exploration. Aranya Sanskriti (forest civilisation), where the Rishis transformed their body and mind into vedis — sacrificial altars, to access the highest, came to be known as Tapovans. Here, the teachers and the taught dialogued to delve deeper into the essence of life. In the same spirit, Sri M has envisioned The Sacred Grove for Swaadhyaya – self study in a conducive environment.

The Sacred Grove – Centre for Exploring Consciousness includes :

  • A Library with more than 1300 books to connect with literature and teachings of various ancient and modern masters.
  • Sadhak Nivas for a peaceful self-retreat : A cluster of 12 cottages have been designed with each cottage consisting of two independent, self-sufficient units. The meditative ambience of the Sadhak Nivas is enhanced by the Vrikshavalli of indigenous plants, rich in mythological, religious, and medicinal associations.
  • Vrikshavalli is a plantation of indigenous trees, flowering bushes and creepers. After three years of careful collection, planting, and nurturing of indigenous species of trees, a rich Vrikshavalli of 50 varieties is seen growing in front of the library and Sadhak Nivas.
  • A Goshala of indigenous breed of cows surrounded with fodder fields. The shrine dedicated to Madanagopal (Krishna), the reigning deity of the Sacred Grove, complements the Goshala.
  • Natural farming and fruit orchards : Seven acres of land has been earmarked for organic farming of vegetables and fruits, where chemical free cultivation has been quite promising.
  • Wellness Centre for programs and therapies based on Ayurveda and Yoga at regular intervals : The centre has two separate treatment rooms each for men and women, and rooms for residence, reception area, and living quarters for the therapists.

Facilitating the journey

Samvad – the Library

Set in this rich environment, Samvad – the library, houses literature from all traditions and their creative interpretations, inviting a dialogue with oneself and the teachings of the great masters. The collection includes the earliest and authentic works on Nath Panth (Tradition) and Kriya Yoga. At the same time, in the spirit of “Ekam Sat Vipra Bahudha Vadanti“, Sri M’s approach to spirituality, the library houses books from all traditions, allowing winds of wisdom to blow from all directions, religions, ideologies, and practices. The library also provides an audio-visual facility to listen and meditate upon the teachings.

Swaadhyaya at The Sacred Grove

Periodic retreats will be organised to study and assimilate the teachings of Sri M, by connecting with the spoken word and written literature. In addition to exploring consciousness in relation to ancient and modern literature, and meditative solitude, The Sacred Grove aspires for healthy, and community-based rhythms of living. Natural farms, orchards, goshala and water conservation promise a simple and organic way of living.

We are ready to welcome aspirants for Swaadhyaya – self study from 3rd July 2022 onwards. For details, write to us at

The Wellness Centre

Understanding the need for physical and mental well-being is crucial to the Sadhak’s journey of inner contemplation and self-study ; Sri M has integrated the traditions of Yoga and Ayurveda based therapy in the Wellness Center at The Sacred Grove.

A spiritual journey is facilitated by a healthy psycho-physical system. The body being a vehicle, its preparation and cleansing is necessary to bring about changes in the mind/body complex.

Programs and therapies planned at the Wellness Centre, through Ayurveda and Yoga, focus on detoxification to remove toxins accumulated due to one’s lifestyle and stress.

The programs are aimed not only at relaxation and rejuvenation but to prepare the body and mind for spiritual progress.

There are three wellness programs that have been thoughtfully put together to address basic detoxification, de-stress and health needs:

  • Swaasthyam – a 10-day basic detoxification program for all.
  • Shaantam – a 10-day de-stress program ideal for professionals to relax, detox and improve one’s quality of sleep.
  • Langhanam – a 15-day weight management program.

Announcing Swaasthyam

Swaasthyam is a 10 day residential program at The Sacred Grove, Chowdepalle, which offers detoxification through Ayurveda. It will include Ayurveda based therapies, along with the theory of Yoga and Ayurveda, and also the practice of Asanas and Pranayama. Emphasis will also be placed on a nourishing well balanced diet. A team of experts will be working with the residents to attain common goals!

3rd – 12th July 2022
14th – 23rd July 2022

Registrations are open for Swaasthyam at the Wellness Centre. For more details, email us at,

We look forward to seeing you at The Sacred Grove !

About The Satsang Foundation

The Satsang Foundation, founded by Sri M, is a meeting point for spiritual seekers of all persuasions. The Satsang Foundation also extends a helping hand to the less privileged of society.