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The Sacred Grove: Centre for Exploring Consciousness is an initiative of the Satsang Foundation.

It is taking shape at Chowdepalle, Andhra Pradesh, just 27 km away from Madanapalle. At the core of this Centre is the spirit of Swadhayaya – Sadhana, to understand the Self in the movement of symbiotic interactions. This spirit invites a fine balance between the inward journey and its outward expressions.
The Aranya Sanskriti (forest civilization) of ancient India is one of the finest examples of exploring the deeper recesses of one’s consciousness, in solitude and in relationships. In these sacred groves, the teachers and the taught dialogued to share the essence of life. In the same spirit, Sri M has envisioned a Sacred Grove for Satsang, both, in solitude and in interaction with the Teacher and other co-travellers.

Infrastructure to Facilitate the Journey

To encourage and nurture a seeker’s journey, the following facilities have been planned on the 17 – acre serene campus, surrounded by hills and paddy fields


Library: The library will welcome literature from all traditions and their creative interpretations, from all religions, ideologies, and practices that can coexist to celebrate the Sacred. This space will also have audio-video facilities for Satsang.

Sadhak Niwas: A cluster of cottages for self-retreat have been designed with each cottage consisting of two independent, self-sufficient units.

Wellness Centre and Herbarium: Ayurveda and Kaya-Kalpa therapies will be provided here at regular intervals. The centre will have two separate treatment rooms for men and women, and rooms for residence with double occupancies, reception area, and living quarters for the therapists. A space has been earmarked for a herbarium for therapeutic use.

Yoga and Meditation Hall: The participants residing at The Sacred Grove for retreats as well as for Ayurveda and Kaya-Kalpa therapies will benefit from this facility.

Amphitheatre: It has been designed to accommodate approximately a thousand people during festive occasions like Shivratri, Gurupurnima and Retreats.

Dining Hall and Kitchen: Approximately, a hundred participants can be seated. Meals will be organized within the proximity of the amphitheatre for special events with larger numbers.

Farms and Orchards: With the conviction that a simple agrarian lifestyle can be spiritually oriented as well as financially sustainable, around seven acres of land have been earmarked for organic farming of vegetables and fruits.

Environment Concerns: Tree plantation is one of the precious aspects of the project. A large cluster of trees connected with mythology and tradition has found a proud place in the heart of the Centre.

Goshala: A spacious home for 10-12 indigenous cows with ample open space for them to move freely and fodder too is grown in this area.

Crafts and Learning Centre : Traditionally crafts have spiritual and socioeconomic significance. To connect with this rhythm of living, we propose a training and income generation cell for women from nearby villages, and alongside provide a happy learning space for their children.

Project Update

With most of the architectural design and drawings in place, the construction of library, office, and rooms for volunteers are nearing completion. Four cottages of Sadhak Niwas are under construction.
Around 500 flowering and fruit trees planted over the last eighteen months are flourishing, yet the list is not exhausted. Organically grown vegetables have started enriching the community kitchen at Madanapalle. Unfortunately, the current pandemic has affected the distribution and marketing of the yield.
After a training workshop at the Indian Institute of Horticulture Research, Bangalore, organic farming has had a successful head start. Organic farming of vegetables, fruits, fodder and paddy is set to increase by many folds.
Four Gir cows and two young calves have already found a temporary home on the campus while their new abode is under construction. These beautiful bovines are already supporting the farming activities by providing organic fertilizers and pesticides.
The concerns of water management helped create a pond in the middle of farms and orchards for irrigation as well as to raise the ground water level of rain deficit regions.

This Sacred Grove is bound to evolve along many more unchartered paths.



A Yogi has envisioned a space for Yajna Karma – a sacred offering from the core of ones being. We invite you to be part of this vision and make offerings of participation and commitment.