Satsang Seva Mission out-reach programs offer holistic support to children in schools and shelter homes

To love my own child and look after my child – all animals do that, including the gorillas and the monkeys, no big deal. Suppose, I say I love my neighbour’s child, that is something – then I am moving out from my center.

-Sri M

The scholastic year drew to a close in the month of April signaling the culmination of a series of Satsang Seva Mission (SSM) out-reach programs at municipal schools and shelter homes across the cities of Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Nagpur, and Pune, promoting the holistic growth and development of children and youngsters.

Join us as we recall core activities and pay homage to the dauntless spirit of our youth and the sincere efforts of our dedicated teams of volunteers in this ever-widening journey of learning, giving, and sharing.

Nutritional support, special meals

The nutritional requirements of the youngsters harbored at Vallabh Niketan Ashram, Bengaluru have been met through daily milk supply, dry rations for daily meals, and a special Sunday breakfast. Monthly dry rations have also helped nourish the young girls sheltered at Namma Mane, Bengaluru and the children at Mathru Abhaya Foundation, Hyderabad. Two weeks of dry rations were recently offered towards the preparation of nutritious snacks for the young participants in a summer camp organized by Surepally Access Foundation for Education and Environment (SAFEE), Hyderabad. Cupfuls of home-made, refreshing buttermilk brought much relief to the first batch of 40 children soon after their energetic karate session. For the children studying at Nutan Bharat Vidyalaya, Nagpur the monthly special meals are a delightful treat. A month’s supply of groceries was also provided to the children at Shree Anath Seva Ashram, Nagpur. Ugadi,  the Telugu New Year, was ushered in with a festive meal for the young residents of Aashray Balatejassu Rainbow Home, Secunderabad. SSM volunteers also shared moments of camaraderie with the visually challenged youngsters at the Mathru Foundation, Hyderabad during a special annadaanam seva.

Yoking body, mind, and soul

Customized yoga modules designed by trained, yoga exponents at the Bharat Yoga Vidya Kendra (BYVK) of The Satsang Foundation were launched for young children and adolescents. The weekly or fortnightly yoga sessions at the Goregaon Municipal School and Mitha Nagar Municipal School, Mumbai; and at Namma Mane and Vallabh Niketan Ashram, Bengaluru comprised a set practice of Sukhshma Vyayama, Surya Namaskar, standing, sitting, and prone asanas followed by a relaxing Shavasana and Pranayama. The philosophical and theoretical aspects of Ashtanga Yoga expounded in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras have also been introduced along with the asana  practice. Lively discussions and engaging activities amongst the youngsters have deepened their understanding of their practice and its application to other arenas of life.

Programs in English enrichment and creative expression

Programs in Spoken English and its practical application in real-time scenarios helped hone the linguistic, speaking, and writing skills of the youngsters at Vallabh Niketan Ashram and Namma Mane, Bengaluru through storytelling, role plays, creative projects, and group activities. At the Mathru Abhaya Foundation Orphanage in Hyderabad, an engrossing book reading session inspired the young residents to enhance their English reading and comprehension skills . Fables, short stories, informative texts, and textbooks for academic support were added to the shelter home’s library.  Meanwhile, drawing and sketching lessons brought much cheer to the young children of Grades 5-7 at the Mitha Nagar Municipal School, Mumbai.

Ancient wisdom, modern minds

Guided by Sri M’s inspiring vision, SSM volunteers took the children of Grades 3 and 4 at Subhedar Ramji Ambedkar Vidyalaya in Dahisar, Mumbai on a journey into the heart of the ancient wisdom embodied in the Ramayana and the Upanishads through engaging storytelling followed by lively Q&A sessions. This interactive approach sparked a flame of curiosity, inviting students to reflect on timeless values like self-awareness, responsibility, respect, love, and care. To fuel their enthusiasm and encourage active participation, the volunteers presented children with special appreciation cards emblazoned with “I am a Star” and “Remember you are AWESOME!”

Life skills, fitness activities, academic support

Sensitization sessions on holistic well-being were held at the Subhedar Ramji Ambedkar Vidyalaya in Dahisar, Mumbai for children of Grades 3 and 4 to help them develop self-awareness and confidence. Sessions on music and movement represented by the acronym BEST – Body, Energy, Space, and Time filled the children with joy as they demonstrated their dancing skills. Fitness activities included squats, push-ups, and planks to build core strength and flexibility. At Mitha Nagar Municipal School, Goregaon, the volunteers skillfully steered the session away from rigid lectures and towards a warm, engaging conversation. Themes like determination, persistence, and personal development took root, captivating students across the classroom.

Every third Sunday of the month is reserved for the 150 less privileged children residing in the Labour Camp near Hiranandani Estate Garden, Thane. Games such as football and kabaddi have helped with their fitness whilst academic support and counseling sessions for Grade 10 children have helped them gear up for their annual exams and overcome their inhibitions. Similar sessions for Grade 10 children at Subhedar Ramji Ambedkar Vidyalaya, Thane have helped empower them to manage their stress and anxiety through breathing techniques and meditation.

Unique events such as the screening of the award-winning documentary “Walking with M” at the Goregaon Municipal School, Mumbai resonated with the youngsters, sowing the seeds of hope, compassion, and unity and fostering a generation dedicated to creating a more peaceful and harmonious world.

Clothes, stationery, essential items

SSM volunteers offered 250 new shirts and 150 school bags to less privileged children enrolled at Youth for Seva study centres and 50 shirts to children sheltered at  Matoshree Mainabai High School, Nagpur. Stationery kits containing notebooks, pens, and other essentials, arrived just in time for the annual exams of the children at Nutan Bharat Vidyalaya, Nagpur. The enthusiasm in the children’s eyes was a testament to the impact of this seemingly small gesture. During the bitter winter season, the volunteers had also offered blankets to these children and visually challenged youth in collaboration with the Apang Mahila Bal Vikas Sanstha, Nagpur. Snacks and enthusiastic conversations with the recipients marked the conclusion of this special seasonal seva. Visually-impaired children living at The Blind School received bed sheets to help enhance their living environment. The joy and excitement on the children’s faces were truly heartwarming for the volunteers.

Maintenance, upkeep of shelter homes

ANIKET Sevabhavi Sanstha, Pune provides refuge, rehabilitation, education, and a safe space for differently abled children from less privileged families. Since the past four years, SSM volunteers have consistently supported the well-being of these children in myriad ways – dry rations, festive annadaanam seva, clothes, sports clothing, yoga sessions, and financial support for utilities. Having supported their move to a new home at Lavasa Link Road, they have also contributed towards the installation of a water pipeline to help ease water scarcity.

You too can join our teams of volunteers to support the out-reach programs of the Satsang Seva Mission and help us nurture our future generations! Every gesture and simple act of kindness counts!

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