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The Satsang Seva Mission, inspired by Sri M, is an initiative supported by Satsang Foundation to serve humanity. It seeks to address the elementary needs of the poor and marginalized sections of the society during a humanitarian crisis. The strategy is a focused intervention in terms of comprehensive relief efforts — leveraged by the supporters and well-wishers of the Satsang Foundation.

The Satsang Seva Mission is currently active in 12 states of India, touching millions of lives.

The Satsang Seva Mission’s primary objective is to alleviate suffering, maintain human dignity, provide re-development assistance, and address the underlying factors leading to an emergency.

In the words of Sri M,

“An activity that benefits others—feeding the hungry, sharing knowledge with the unknowing, resolving the suffering of others, worshipping the poor, and serving the needy — thinking of them as the very personification of God. One’s spiritual purification is realised only through this selfless service. Service is the best way; serve others and do your Sadhana alongside. Both must be combined.”

The Satsang Seva Mission Relief Centers

Projects of The Satsang Seva Mission

Bengal Cyclone Relief Project

The catastrophic effects of Super Cyclone Amphan have left thousands of people in West Bengal without shelter, food, and safety. The Satsang Seva Mission, in tandem with the administration and Calcutta Foundation working on the ground, has been involved in fundraising to send relief packages to Sagar Island.

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Covid-19 Relief Project

The poor and marginalized sections of the society are the hardest hit in the current crisis of COVID-19 pandemic in India. The Satsang Foundation (TSF) through the Satsang Seva Mission, in tandem with the administration and other organisations working on the ground, is providing relief to fellow citizens across cities in 12 states.

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Do Contribute

Your contributions to The Satsang Seva Mission will go a long way in remedying the basic survival requirements for the needy and the marginalized. Guided by The Satsang Foundation, the contributions will be judiciously utilised to support the current initiatives of The Satsang Seva Mission — including the Covid-19 Relief and Bengal Cyclone Relief Project. Your timely donations will provide food and other necessities to those affected, as well as supply protective gear and equipment to medical workers, institutions, and frontline staff.



News & Updates

Seva Utsav 2023: A Loving Tribute to Sri M’s Teachings

Sri M’s 74th birth anniversary was celebrated with great joy and fervour across the globe as Seva Utsav from the 6th to 12th November 2023 under the aegis of the Satsang Seva Mission (SSM) and with volunteers from all The Satsang Foundation(TSF) initiatives


The Satsang Seva Mission: 1000 Days of Opportunities

About 6.35 lakh people have been touched through the provision of cooked meals, weekly and monthly rations, protective equipment such as PPE kits, masks and gloves, sanitisation and medical supplies, clothing, educational material, academic support, and a range of other necessities.