Bharat Yogavidya Kendra (BYK) is an institution dedicated to promoting the ancient wisdom of yoga. Founded by the vision of Sri M, BYK has become a platform for yoga enthusiasts and seekers of spiritual growth to practice and learn yoga. With a far-reaching alumni network, the Kendra has created a community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about yoga’s potential to improve the health of our body, mind, and soul.

If your body is healthy, your mind is healthy. Your mind is healthy, you are getting ready for ascension to spiritual health, and then you go beyond, So this is the reason why yoga is practiced. M

Sri M

Discover the Path to Wholeness with Bharat Yogavidya Kendra

At the heart of our offerings lies a profound question: “Why do/should we practice Yoga?” Guided by Sri M’s enlightening teachings, we find our answer.

1. Body – Laying the Foundations

We offer courses and workshops for individuals seeking physical health, healing, and balance. Our comprehensive approach traditional yoga teachings combined with modern evidence. We are rooted in scriptural wisdom, focusing on balance, and offering physical equilibrium that prepares the ground for the exploration of the mind.

2. Mind – Preparing the Mind

We offer training and courses cater to those striving for peace, mental clarity and are navigating stress, anxiety, etc. We facilitate an in-depth exploration into the realm of consciousness, emotions, and yogic philosophies. Unlike conventional mental wellness practices, we intertwine ancient scriptures with modern scientific evidence, offering a balanced path toward mental wellbeing.

3. Beyond – Going Within

Through the foundation of optimal physical health and sound mental health, we also welcome spiritual seekers who are on the path of self-realization. We help navigate a journey inward, delving into meditation, self-realization, and the quantum reality of existence. Unlike mainstream spiritual courses, our teachings extend beyond theory, offering guided practices, retreats, and engagements that draw one closer to their true self and the universe’s truths.

Our Physical and Virtual Yogashala

Inaugurated on 11th December 2020 by Sri M, who also blessed our space with the consecration of Sage Patanjali and other revered idols, our Yogashala stands as a testament to his vision. The shala, located within the peaceful Madanapalle Ashram, can house upto 30 yogis per session into its well-ventilated, spacious embrace.

In the digital age, the essence of yoga transcends physical spaces, bringing the sacred practice directly to you through our Online Yogashala. With classes and workshops accessible via Zoom, we extend an invitation to join our community from the comfort of your home. Whether you’re seeking to start your yoga journey, deepen your practice, or explore new dimensions of wellness, our expert instructors guide you through each step, breath by breath.

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Special Offerings

Special Courses for Senior Citizens, Women, Children

BYK launches a dedicated monthly newsletter

Yogavidya is more than just a newsletter; it is a window into the soulful world of yoga, spirituality, and wellness, carefully curated to enlighten, inspire, and connect our cherished community.

BYK Video Repository to Learn Yoga

Pancha Kosha Guided Meditation
Learn Surya Namaskar
Sri M on Sankalpa

News & Updates

A Heartfelt Invitation

We invite you to join us on a special 21-day Yoga Journey, beginning June 1st and culminating on International Day of Yoga, June 21st.


The Sun Salutation: Surya Namaskara

Surya Namaskara is a profound practice that integrates physical, mental, and spiritual dimensions of yoga. It can be performed as a standalone practice or a warm-up before other asanas.


Beat the Heat : Stay Cool in Summer

With temperatures soaring above normal in many regions, the scorching sun poses significant health challenges. Amidst this sweltering environment, ancient practices of Yoga and Ayurveda offer invaluable wisdom to help maintain coolness and well-being.


Yoga- Balancing the Body, Breath, Mind and Beyond

Trying to keep up with our fast-paced lifestyles, mentally consumed with work deadlines, meeting the expectations of the society and dealing with other personal compulsions we eventually compromise our overall wellbeing and health.