“Water is the essence of life. Great civilizations like Mohenjo-daro collapsed with the dwindling and later complete cessation of water. The great rivers that flow in India keep us alive but the ground water is running out fast. It is our sacred responsibility and duty to sustain water. Satsang Jal Seva Sangatan is an initiative to conserve the divine element of ‘Apas’ so that the ‘Abhisheka’ of living beings is sustained.”

– Sri M 

India’s Water Crisis: Urgent Action Required

India is facing a severe water crisis, characterized by extreme water scarcity, contaminated surface water, and limited access to piped water supply. Climate change effects such as droughts and rising sea levels further exacerbate the challenge of accessing safe water and sanitation. These problems vary depending on the location.

In urban environs, overexploitation of groundwater, inadequate rainwater harvesting, and poor sewage management leading to contamination of groundwater and water bodies, are some of the issues. Natural ecosystems are ravaged due to dying water bodies, soil erosion and flooding during the monsoons.

Inspired by Sri M’s call for Rainwater Harvesting & Water Conservation nationwide, The Satsang Foundation (TSF) initiated the Satsang Jal Seva Sangatan (SJSS) in 2020. SJSS undertakes various initiatives nationwide, including Rainwater Harvesting and Revival of Water Bodies. Ongoing awareness programs on water conservation are also conducted.

India’s Water Crisis: Urgent Action Required

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SJSS Vision for 2024: Cleaning water bodies across states, like rivers & Participate in National level River Rejuvenation Initiatives


  1. C20 Participation – In 2023, The Satsang Foundation formed and led the C20 Working Group on Revival of Rivers and Water Management. In 2023, Sri M was invited to be a member of the Core Committee of the Civil20, an official engagement group of the G20. A Working Group was formed on “Revival of Rivers and Water Management,” conducting interactions with global figures in this field over 5 months. A conclave held at Pune in March 2023 identified policy recommendations for the problem. Details here and here. Policy recommendations were submitted to the G20 Leadership. Request policy pack here.

  2. Aviral Godavari Mission – The Aviral Godavari Mission, launched in late 2022, aims to revive the Godavari into its perennial glory. The Godavari River, starting from the Trimbak range near Nashik, faces deforestation, rainwater runoff, and soil erosion challenges. The Satsang Foundation, under its Environment initiatives, launched Project Aviral Godavari Mission jointly with Namami Goda Foundation, aiming to rejuvenate the source of the Godavari River at Brahmagiri, Trimbakeshwar, District-Nashik. The project was inaugurated in November 2022, and work is ongoing. More information can be found here and here.

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SJSS Vision for 2024


  • Recharging ground water – percolation wells, ponds, lakes
  • Cleaning water bodies
  • Water wastage prevention
  • Awareness creation on ways to conserve water amongst students, apartment dwellers, office goers and taking the Jalseva pledge
  • Implement rainwater harvesting in individual homes, building complexes


  • Per quarter, create one percolation well in a needy locality.
  • In 2024 plan to create or rejuvenate one pond lake or well which is in need of cleaning. Identify one type of water wastage in your city e.g RO water dispensers at public places how can the waste-water from it be used.
  • Sensitize children in one school per quarter on water conservationOne such session should align with World Water Day22-Mar-2024.
  • Talk to your acquaintances to implement rainwater harvesting in their building and office complexes.
  • A module on a study of water for children, is being worked on. Once ready, it will be presented and then it can be used one set of children per year.


  • Various measures have been taken to enrich groundwater at the Sacred Grove, Chowdepalle. A rainwater harvesting pond, 145 by 145 feet with a holding capacity of 30 lakh liters, has been created to collect rainwater from the overlooking Eastern range of Palakonda hills. This initiative helps to avoid water loss or water-logging, which can harm surrounding plantations. Details Here
  • The Peepal Grove School has been recycling grey water since 2013, and rainwater harvesting is implemented in 8 buildings on the campus.
  • The Satsang Vidyalaya at Madanapalle has also implemented rainwater harvesting, diverting rainwater into an underground tank with a capacity of 40,000 liters.
  • In the village of Mal in Murbad district, a lake was desilted, and the soil removed was used to plant more than 80 trees along the periphery of the lake.
  • At Kidwai Institute of Oncology, Bengaluru, a percolation well was created to recharge the ground with rainwater.
  • More details on activities here.

SJSS Activities Across India

  • On World Water Day 22nd March 2022, SJSS launched the project to revive the Ram Talab at Delhi, in the presence of Sri M. More information can be found here.
  • The Satsang Foundation’s Bangalore center implemented an integrated project of Satsang Jal Seva Sangatan and MyTree at the Environmental Sciences Department of Bangalore University. The project was spread over a span of a year and executed in multiple phases as explained here.
  • The cleaning of Ram Talab in South Delhi was inaugurated by SJSS on 22nd March 2022. A year later, native flora and fauna have returned to the location. Details here

The Satsang Jal Seva Sangatan Pledge

Download the Satsang Jal Seva Sangatan Pledges ( Language Versions)

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Your Vision for 2024

  • Minimize water usage at your homes, offices, schools.
  • Influence people to minimize water usage in homes, offices, schools Existing presentations give some methods.


Planting of saplings at Trimbakeshwar

The Aviral Godavari Mission envisages the rejuvenation of River Godavari at its source in the Brahmagiri Mountain through the restoration of the ancient kunds that feed it;

Samvaad with Sri M

Samvaad with Sri M

During the Samvaad or conversation, Sri M interacted with the renowned actress Smt. Supriya Pilgaonkar, head of Colors Marathi Channel Shri Viraj Ashok Raje, and audience members.