Sri M said…

Sri-M-1For hours – day in and day out – if we tell lies, how can we search for the Supreme Truth? We have to start with what we are doing now; we cannot jump from here to there. We cannot always speak the truth. Try to speak the truth whenever possible, try at least. This is the universal teaching; all teachers have said this – try to be truthful.

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  1. Rahul Mishra says:

    I am trying to be truthful but it’s really tough.

  2. nagalakshmi says:

    I think that if we try to follow Yama Niyamas in the Patanjali Yoga sutras most
    of the behavioral principles such as truthfulness, honesty etc., will be accessible to us.

    in this context i recall one teaching of Maha bharatham where Vidura says

    ” What ever acts done by others cause hurt and sorrow to , you should not do them to others. It is the param dharma of all dharmas.”