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  1. sukdeo Mokal says:

    प्रणाम , श्री एम् सर जी के प्रवचन सुनने का अवसर प्राप्त हो यह अभिलाषा !

  2. sukdeo Mokal says:


  3. leelasastry says:

    Dear sir ,
    we are waiting to know whether any amsavathar has come right now to punish all those demonic forces . regards leelasastry

  4. leelasastry says:

    Dear sir ,
    yes it is said like that . But to day all asuric forces are going with out any check , in the form of fellow beings wearing the masks . I don’t when all these asuric forces are getting punished . SAINTS
    like you have to do something .

  5. Respected Sir. There is not only admission of amsha avatars but we can not also deny the possibility of the purna avatar as actualised in case of Sri Krishna as described in the Bhibhuti yoga . He places Himself as one among many Bibhutis manifested from various holistic perspectives among various classes of beings or things in the reality . Practically it is not easy to differentiate Putnam avatar from Andhra avatars .it is only a theoretical proposition. Only a few enlightened beings can actually recognize and differentiate . Ravens could not recognize Rama as incarnate . SriKrisna could not be recognized by Duryadhan Sisupala Jarasandha etc etc