The Hon’ble President of India, Shri Ram Nath Kovind visited The Satsang Foundation Ashram on Sunday 7th Feb 2021 for a private interaction with Sri M – Spiritual Teacher, Social reformer and Educationist, based in Madanapalle, Andhra Pradesh

The Satsang Foundation was founded by Sri M in 1994 on the principles of Service, Community welfare, and Welfare of all living beings. The foundation has been contributing towards the all-round and holistic improvement of today’s society through its initiatives in the Education, Health & Environment sectors.

The preparations started much in advance due to the required security and state administration protocols. On the day of the arrival, the campus was adorned with flowers and ready to welcome the President whole heartedly.

The President arrived with his convoy and began his visit by spending personal time with Sri M at the Sri Guru Babaji’s shrine. The Hon’ble President went on to inaugurate the Yogashala of the Bharat Yoga Vidya Kendra and interacted with the students of the first Yoga Teacher Training program being held at the premises.

The President appreciated the fact that students had come to Madanapalle from all corners of the country for the course.

The President remarked that when he heard about Sri M, he requested him to teach Kriya Yoga and found that it was a comprehensive and holistic discipline for the elevation of the mind as well as to keep physically fit. He said Yoga would always be of great help in meeting the daily challenges of life in all spheres.

The President also said that the most important aspect of learning Yoga was creating a healthy mind in a healthy body as well as being able to explore deeper aspects of consciousness. He left the students with the message to stay open to learning all their lives even after becoming teachers.

During the walking tour of the ashram, the Hon’ble President attended the Aarti at the Temple on the premises and planted a Peepal tree.

Thereafter, The President unveiled the foundation stone of Swaasthya Hospitals, an initiative of The Satsang Foundation. Sri M has conceptualised this 38-bed hospital to provide affordable and quality health care to the semi-urban and rural population of Madanapalle including the students, staff, family members, and Sugali tribal community from nearby villages.

Lastly, the Hon’ble President interacted with the students and teachers of The Satsang Vidyalaya – a free school which has been providing holistic development, high quality education, nutrition, and healthcare services to the children of marginalised communities in Madanapalle since 1991.

After partaking a South Indian meal prepared in-house by the Satsang kitchens, the Hon’ble President departed for Sadum, in Andhra Pradesh to visit and address the students and teachers of The Peepal Grove School, co-educational, residential and alternative school, Founded by Sri M and inaugurated by the then President of India, Dr. Abdul J Kalam in December 2006.

Yoga is not attached to any religion, President Ram Nath Kovind said while answering student’s questions on the relevance of Yoga. He said that during his recent visit to Cuba, he had met many citizens who expressed gratitude to India for sharing the great gift of yoga with the world.

Appealing to students to be a lifelong learner he said “I learn every day.” He was asked what he learnt after becoming a President. He said ” I learnt the importance of being a lifelong learner. ” He asked students to value the unique cultural ethos and the stress on dignity of labour that the school has inherited from its founder Sri M.

Soon after his arrival in the school, the President planted a Peepal Tree adjacent to the tree that had been planted by the late former President Abdul Kalam in 2006.

Watch the videos of The President’s interaction with the students