Land identified for the proposed Hospital

Bringing about change in the health of the population at large, majority of who reside in the villages is what inspired the setting up of Swasthya Hospital, Madanapalle.

The NGO sector has been actively partnering with the Government of India to enhance healthcare systems through awareness programs, medical camps etc., to identify diseases early and treat them successfully. Despite all these measures, there are several shortcomings.

Keeping these factors in view, a unique model super-specialty 38-bedded hospital, catering to the semi-urban and rural population of Madanapalle, Andhra Pradesh was conceptualized by Sri M, Founder Trustee – The Satsang Foundation. It is being designed with the NABH standards in mind. Additionally, it will have traditional systems of Indian alternative medicine based on the AYUSH concept. This will truly be a holistic approach to new age healthcare and not just another hospital.

Project Overview

• To provide affordable, quality health care model
• To create a replicable self-sustaining model of person centric health care
• To create healthcare employment opportunities for local tribal settlement
• To provide platform for people from all walks of life to “volunteer and serve.”
• To improve accountability and communication amongst all stakeholders (Government, NGOs and Beneficiaries).

A Hub and Spoke model with effective outreach in association with various NGOs.

• Emergency and Trauma Care
• OPD: Medicine, Surgery, Gynaecology, Pediatrics, Orthopedics, Dental and Ayurveda.
• Surgery with two fully functional Operation theaters and ICU
• Diagnostics: Laboratory (hematology, biochemistry), X-Ray, Ultrasound, ECG, and CT Scan.
• Pharmacy

• Consultation Rooms: 4
• Operation Theaters: 2
• Ambulance services: 2
• Pharmacy (OP & IP): 1
• Laboratory:1
• Other Diagnostics: 2 (X-ray and Ultrasound, CT scan)
• Admin/Registration/Billing/HR: 1
• Staff/Doctors Room: 2
• Canteen/Food distribution area: 1 (not marked in the design, Sri Suhas to confirm)

The 38-bedded hospital is proposed to be built as ground plus two floors to include all the mentioned facilities and services. The area earmarked for this is located behind the existing Swasthya Kendra with total area of 6000 Sq. Mtrs.

Current Status of the Project

Sr. No.Work DescriptionCompletion StatusRemark
1Ground work and research by visits to study Rural Hospital ModelsCompletedSri V Anand Kumar in 2017
2Screening of PatientsOngoingThrough existing Swasthya Kendra Facilities since 7 years
3Appointment of Core teamCompletedDoctors
Engineers and Architects
MEP Consultants
Fund Raising Connect Team
3Land AcquisitionCompleted
4Soil Testing and Foundation planningCompleted
5Architectural DrawingsCompletedBy Sri Suhas Malavade along with Dr. Venkataramana, Bangalore and Dr. Jayakumar, Kottayam as lead consultants
6Approvals and PermitsOn-goingDocuments for Municipality and Fire department approvals are submitted and under scrutiny. This is delayed only due to the pandemic situation.
7Phase One: Emergency, OPD and Admin BlockEngineers and Architects to provide time frame for construction
8Phase Two: Pharmacy, Laboratory and Diagnostics including Radiology blockPost construction 3 months to set up services
9Phase Three: Inpatient wards and rooms and Vehicle acquisitionRural outreach services to start immediately with vehicle acquisition
10Phase Four: Operation Theaters and ICU
11Phase Five: Equipping both medical and other hospital6 months from the date of completion of respective rooms/department

Total estimated time frame for this project to be operational is 18 months to 24 months including staffing and equipping.

Teams in Place

Visionary and Chief Mentor: Sri M, Founder President, The Satsang Foundation
Monitoring and Evaluation Team: The Satsang Foundation office bearers, C N Bhushan, Treasurer and Mahender Borana, Secretary
Lead Consultants for Designs and Operations: Dr. Venkataramana and Dr. Jayakumar
Architecture: Sri Suhas Malvade, Mumbai
Structural Engineer: Sri Manjunath, Bangalore
MEP Consultants: Maverick Consultants
Fund Raising and Connect Team: TSF team with support of Satsang friends
Co-ordination Team: Headed by Navin Nadella, Madanapalle
Source of Funds: Well wishers and like-minded philanthropic donors from India and outside. Donations to The Satsang Foundation are exempted from tax under 80g and FCRA.
Evaluation and Monitoring: The monitoring and evaluation will be continuous and headed by respective team leads (facility, asset and patient management).
Sustainability: This facility will sustain itself on a plan where two-thirds of the beneficiaries pay to break even, while one-third of the deserving beneficiaries will be considered for subsidized treatment. Revenue will also be generated from Pharmacy and Diagnostic services.

Your support will help us extend quality medical care to the community. Please write to connect@satsang-foundation.org for more details