Announcing two special batches from Arogyam

Warm greetings from ArogyaM.

We are happy to announce two special batches that integrate the transformative powers of yoga and Ayurveda, tailored to your wellness goals.

At ArogyaM we see health as overall wellbeing. Our packages integrate yoga and Ayurveda through traditional treatments and the practice of Asanas and Pranayama. The study of Ashtanga Yoga and Ayurveda using traditional texts adds a unique flavor and deeper understanding of the connection between body and mind health.

The Sacred Grove at Chowdepalle, A.P. India, home to ArogyaM, provides an ideal natural setting for healing the body and mind and exploring one’s true spiritual nature. The spacious and peaceful environment and well-stocked library encourage study and contemplation on the complex relationship between body, mind, and soul: sattwa-atma-shariram ca trayametat tridandavat.

We offer online consultations, nine treatment programmes at the center, as well as customized treatment programmes tailored to the needs of individual patients.

Batch 1

Start date: 23rd June (Fri)
End date: 2nd July (Sun)
Program Duration: 10 days

Batch 2

Start date: 4th July (Tue)
End date: 18th July (Tue)
Program Duration: 15 days

In case you have registered for the Guru Purnima program in Madanapalle, we have designed these programs with your plans in mind, ensuring that you can integrate them into your schedule.

Click here to know more about the two special batches, specially designed for you.

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